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Peak 5057 Day Hike
Superstition Mountains
November 28, 2015
by Andy Zaharchuk
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Trailblazers assemble at Cloudview. [photo by Quy]
Maja, Mark, Christina, Andy, Quy, Alex, Chris, Bruce, Wayne

Nine hikers took part in this trek, the goal of which was to reach the summit of Superstition Peak 5057, the highest summit in the western Superstition Wilderness. This was an "A" hike.

Before we headed out, I asked Bruce to help out on the hike by staying in the lead, while I would be taking up the rear. The idea was to keep the group close together, to ensure our pace was comfortable for all, and to be close at hand for those who might need assistance when and where the trail got rough. Bruce readily accepted my request for assistance. All the participants and I were very appreciative for the important role he performed.

Lots of hoodoos on the way up. [photo by Quy]
There must be a trail here ... [photo by Quy]
Long shadows of the early morning sun. [photo by Quy]

We started out shortly after 7:00 AM from the trailhead in Gold Canyon, at the east end of Cloudview road. Our path took us up the heavily used trail to the site of the numerous petroglyphs located above the pools at the bottom of the misnamed Hieroglyphic Canyon. Up to this point the going was easy, but from then on, the trekking became more difficult. Initially and for the next several hundred yards, the trail was not well defined and there was much plant growth and large boulders with which we had to contend.

Tough spot. [photo by Quy]

After a while the trail became easier to follow, and we gradually made our way upward until we reached the saddle, whereupon our path intersected with the Ridgeline Trail. From there we took the Ridgeline Trail toward the southeast until we reached the turnoff point from where we climbed to the summit. There were several places along the way that were difficult to cross, and the going was slow at times. Just below the peak itself, there is an area where a few yards of climbing on all fours was required. All but one of the hikers chose to climb to the summit, and the individual who was uncomfortable with the climbing wisely stayed several yards below, there acting as a lookout, keeping watch on us, and taking some photos of our final climb and subsequent descent.

While on top, we rested, took some photos, signed the notebook, and had lunch. With the weather being perfect as it was, views from the summit was nothing short of magnificent in all directions.

After our break on the top, we headed down the same way we had come, back to the trailhead from where we had earlier started.

This must be the Superstition Ridgeline. [photo by Quy]
Famous hoodoos of the Superstitions. [photo by Quy]
Yes, we can do it. [photo by Quy]
Trailblazers on the top of the Superstition Mountains. [photo by Quy]
Alex, Bruce, Andy, Maja, Mark, Quy, Chris, Wayne
The view from the top. [photo by Quy]
Now we’ve got to get down from here. [photo by Quy]

I asked the hikers to email me some of their impressions of the hike, and here are some comments they sent:

“It was so great we stayed together and helped each other out.”

“I am incredibly sore today :) The hike was definitely challenging but nevertheless fantastic ! :)”

“Thank you everyone for a great hike. It was a perfect day for an "A" hike. Hope to see you all again.”

“It certainly was not an easy hike but glad I did it. Some photos I took while you guys were coming down from the peak show how challenging it was.”

“This is one of the best hikes in Superstitions.”

“... great group in helping each other ...”

Several of us had doubts about being able to do this "A" hike, myself included. We stayed together, kept a slow but steady pace, helped each other when needed, took frequent breaks, and yes, we did it.

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