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Seucito Canyon Day Hike
Mazatzal Mountains
January 15, 2015
by Bill Zimmermann
  GPS Map 
Saguaro and Teddy Bears mark Seucito Canyon. [photo by Gary]

Memories lost. Bill’s pictures remain digitally sealed in his lost camera near “C5”.

As exploratory hikes go, it was just that. We missed the FR401 junction at “JS” as we continued down Cottonwood Wash. After discovering our error we headed east up a canyon toward Blue Spring. Beautiful. Walking was easy. It was clean. The brush was limited. Huge boulders were absent. It was like a highway. Christina commented how the green moss that clung to the rocks looked delicious. But, no one sampled.

At “J4B” we left the canyon as it connected with the road. After a short walk we left the road and entered Seucito Canyon at “J5”. It had vegetation. A monster tree reached out at us near the spring. Bill and Chip cleaned a steel lid and peered into the stone shaft. It appeared about 8-10 feet deep and void of water. Hiking the wide canyon was a mixture of small rock hopping and dodging catclaw. No water. The canyon narrowed after “S1”.

Seucito Spring. [photo by Christina]
Bushes won’t stop Nancy! [photo by Christina]
Chollas won’t stop Chip! [photo by Christina]
Gary, Bill, Nancy and Christina find the way. [photo by Chip]

We had lunch at “C7” before entering Cane Spring Canyon. Wow! It had boulders. It was neat. The sands were still wet from Tuesday’s rains. Bill took some great pictures of multiple mountain lion paw prints. We worked our way around and over boulders flowing paw prints to “C5”. Relax. The paw prints were going in the opposite direction.

We decided not to do the optional “dotted green” loop. Heading up the unlabeled canyon toward “R3” started with some camera-grabbing thick brush.

Continuing onward, the vegetation lessened and boulders increased.

Here’s some bushes to whack. [photo by Gary]
January, but there is living green. [photo by Gary]
CS_GA_06 CS_GA_07
Skull and crossbones, Seucito Canyon style. [photos by Gary]
Chip and Gary know the way. [photo by Christina]

Enough canyons. Bill gladly accepted the skull that Christina found. After strapping it to his backpack he led the climb out on a steep but negotiable cholla slope. As we neared the ridgeline we followed remnants of an old road to “J6”. At this point we joined FR401. We walked the road to the vehicles passing a nasty start (near “JX”) for even the craziest of Jeep drivers.

Derring do’s in Seucito Canyon. [photo by Gary]
Christina finds a photo-op. [photo by Gary]
Teddy Bear says, “Won’t you hug me?” [photo by Gary]

It was time for a cold drink and group picture before we headed back.

Thanks to Chip for driving, and to all for their pictures.

10.5 to 10.8 miles; 1500 to 1700 feet.

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updated January 16, 2015