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Douglas Spring Day Hike
August 19, 2006
by Lyndon Tiu

The day started early at 6:45 AM. Everyone was prompt at the meeting spot. The early morning was cool enough to keep the A/C in the car off. Five hikers (Lyndon, Lynda, Lisa, Bill and Mike) met at the carpool location and two more (Charles and Doug) were going to meet us at the trailhead.

The drive to the trailhead was uneventful and quick. We arrived at the trailhead at around 9:00 AM. Charles was already there waiting for us. Doug was missing. We waited for him till 9:15 AM and decided to go ahead with the hike. Everyone hiked at their own pace. The vegetation around the trail is very lush and green. A lot of little wild flowers peppered the landscape. All streams that we crossed were flowing, proof of the wet monsoon we are in the middle off. There were a lot of lizards scurrying around the trail. We also met a tiger rattlesnake along the way.

About 2 hours into the hike, we arrived at a fork on the trail. The left fork takes us to our destination of Douglas Spring. The right fork takes us to the Bridal Wreath Falls which is a very short hike of 0.3 miles one-way. Most of us decided to take a detour and check out the falls. Water was plentiful around the falls. The pool below the falls was beautiful and refreshing to the eyes. The sound of falling waters was refreshing to the ears.

The day is very sunny and heat started to take its effects. Mike and Lynda decided to spend more time at the falls and turn around back to the parking lot. Douglas Spring is still about another 2 hours of hike ahead. Bill and Charles decided to go ahead of the rest of the group. While on our way to the spring, we met Doug, who was late and arrived at around 9:20 AM at the parking lot.

Charles decided to turn around before reaching the spring. He was just about 10 minutes from it when he decide to turn around. Bill made it to the spring first, spent a while there and enjoyed his lunch before turning around. Lyndon, Lisa and Doug got to the springs next and we had a quick and hurried lunch. Dark rain clouds were beginning to form around us. We could hear the thunder coming from the clouds. We started walking back to the parking lot at a fast pace. The skies started getting darker and darker. It was a long, tiring walk back. We all got to the parking lot safely. Doug was the last to arrive. Turns out the clouds were just teasing us and it never did rain in the area where we were.

We said our goodbyes right there at the parking lot and we parted ways.

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