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Groom Creek Loop Day Hike
Bradshaw Mountains, Prescott
October 7, 2006
by Beth Baumert
  Trail Map 
No hail today. It’s so lovely outside!

It was a sunny day in Prescott on Saturday, October 7, 2006. The sky was a deep, clear blue without a cloud. It was 65 degrees F at the trailhead, which to me is a perfect hiking temperature. A few leaves were turning yellow. It was warm in the direct sun and cool in the shade, with a light breeze blowing.

We introduced ourselves. Ted took a group picture, and then Barry A., Dev B., his friend Sajal, Sid C., Doug E., the Emmons, Dave K., Ted T., and Beth B., the hike leader, set off on the Groom Creek Trail and began ascending Spruce Mountain.

Almost to the top.
The fire lookout tower.

It was cool and shady and beautiful as we walked among pine, spruce, and juniper trees, granite boulders, and past plants that looked somewhat like ferns, turn orange and crimson red in the fall, and smell like peppermint.

We share the trail with horned toads.
Ladybugs cover the top of Spruce Mountain.

There were lovely views of the surrounding mountains on either side. The trees were green, so the forest thankfully recovered well from pine bark beetle and fire damage.

Autumnal glory on the Groom Creek Trail.

Highlights included lunchtime brownies made by Barry’s wife, ladybugs and spectacular views from the fire tower plaza, beautiful weather, and great company.

We completed the nine-mile loop while enjoying leaves, trees, and sunshine, as well as lovely scenery and interesting conversation.

We concluded the trip with an outing to the Prescott Brewery.

We’ve worked up quite an appetite.
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