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Pine Trail Day Hike
November 12, 2005
by Beth Baumert
Brian, Beth, Peggy. [photo by Lyndon Tiu]

This hike is near Pine in the lovely pine trees. The weather was warm and sunny and there were still maple trees in lovely profusions of color.

We started out at the lower trailhead and took the right fork over to the creek so that we could observe more maple trees. We were greatly rewarded. Then we took the loop back over to the Pine Trail, which heads along the ridge and up a steep hill to Dripping Springs and up higher to a nice trail with a lovely view of the town of Pine through the trees. There was a slight breeze and the warm sun made it a lovely hike. We went in about 3.5 miles and then headed back out, after eating lunch next to an alligator juniper which appeared to be several hundred years old.

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