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San Tan Mountain Day Hike
San Tan Mountain Regional Park
March 2, 2008
by Debbie M.
This is a really cool hike!

Eleven hikers and one dog set out to enjoy a leisurely Sunday afternoon hike at the San Tan Mountain Regional Park near the town of Queen Creek.

The hike offers spectacular views of the San Tan and Goldmine Mountains.

Ray stands watch on the San Tan Trail.

Approximately a six mile loop, the hikers began on the Goldmine Trail then turned south onto the San Tan Trail.

Rock Peak
Rock Peak

There was very little shade on the hike but the weather cooperated nicely with warm sunshine offset with a pleasant breeze.

Not much but I call it home.

Recent rains had left the Sonoran desert rich in color with diverse displays of vegetation: saguaro, cholla, ocotillo, as well as bursts of blooming yellow poppies and purple lupine.

Stunning views of San Tan Mountain
Spear fishing for dinner?  In the Sonoran Desert?

The hikers made good time and completed the hike in three hours, then headed over to nearby San Tan Flat for an early dinner.

The most important part — San Tan Flat!

The establishment is best known for previously violating the “no outdoor dancing” ordinance in Pinal County.

Patrons now enjoy the rustic atmosphere of a western steakhouse/saloon with dining, live music and dancing, and roasting marshmallows under the stars.

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