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West Boulder Saddle Day Hike
Superstition Wilderness
January 5, 2008
by Eileen Root
  GPS Map 
by Ted Tenny
Morning sunlight illuminates the dacite cliffs.
Now where is that trail to West Boulder Saddle?

Ted, Michael, Tom, Doug, Jon, Dave, Aaron, Jenni and Eileen started out on the Lost Goldmine Trail on their way to West Boulder Saddle.

Along the way we spotted the many-armed saguaro cactus beside the trail.

We soon begin the trek up the hill.

We get to the top of the first hill and decide to take a breather and enjoy the view before beginning our ascent up to the saddle.

A mighty saguaro marks the Lost Goldmine Trail.
West Boulder Canyon — the view we climbed for.

Yea! We made it.

Ted and Dave decide to have lunch but the rest of us want to do some more exploring so we hike about a mile further down the trail to have lunch and along the way we see water in the creek below us and a balanced rock on the ridgeline across the way.

Yea!  We made it to the top.
That boulder is precariously balanced.
We’re not far from the Superstition Ridgeline.
Jenni finds the perfect picnic rock.
Don’t get too comfortable – it’s clouding up.
Each color is a different species of lichen.
Lenticular clouds warn of an approaching storm.

It was overcast but that did not dampen the day. This was an invigorating hike with lots of beautiful rock formations and scenery.

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