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Kendrick Peak Day Hike
May 16, 2009
by Jenni Jacobs
Racheal, Jenni, Jen, Clara, Alisha, Cyd [photo by Eileen]

After a week of 105 degree temperatures in the valley it was time to head north. Our group of 7 fearless women (Cyd, Clara, Alisha, Eileen, Jen, Rachael and Jenni) set off early on a May morning for Flagstaff and Kendrick Peak.

Alisha on the trail.

Getting to the Kendrick Peak trailhead involved about 6 miles on dirt roads, passable by passenger cars.

The hike starts in a shaded forest on an old logging road. After the first hill, the view started opening up giving a wide view of the San Francisco Peaks and forest damaged by a 2000 forest fire.

Humphreys Peak rises majestically in the east.
Looking South
The View Looking South
Log Cabin
snow angel
Jen makes a snow angel. [photo by Eileen]

Switchbacks continued up the mountain, giving more panoramic views. At about mile 4, there is a 1910-1913 log cabin set up for campers to spend the night with a few cots and a table.

Some stopped here for lunch, others stopped earlier. Some, overjoyed by the site of snow in Arizona, made snow angels.

The cabin isn’t very far from the manned firetower and the peak, with another great view of the San Francisco Peaks.

fire lookout
Racheal, Jen, Alisha, Jenni, Eileen
Fire tower from below.
Lava Cave entrance [photo by Rachael]

Due to popular demand we also made a quick stop at the nearby Lava River Cave – a lava tube formation. The tube goes back 3/4 of a mile, but we only went into the very front. The first part of the cave is the coldest part and full of ice, including this great ice waterfall.

Thank you for the wonderful hike everyone!


Rachael, Jen, and Icicle [photo by Rachael]
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