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Schnebly Hill Day Hike
October 3, 2009
by Ted Tenny
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Brian, Michael, Cyd, David, Bill, Denise, Diane, John, Karen
Red rock buttes overlook Sedona. [photo by Cyd]
We found a scenic viewpoint. [photo by Bill]

Ten talented Trailblazers set out from Munds Wagon Trailhead on the Schnebly Hill Trail #158.

The weather is just about perfect, though truthfully, we can’t say the same about rocky Schnebly Hill Road. As soon as the trail takes us away from the road we start enjoying spectacular views of Sedona’s red rock country in the Bear Wallow Canyon vicinity.

It’s a long climb diagonally up to the top of the hill. Near the top we enter a scrub forest which gradually gives way to pine forest at the higher elevations. An old logging road and a trail lead us to the first of many fine overlooks. We stop for group pictures before returning to the junction where the Schnebly Hill Trail continues south then west along the rim of the hill.

Autumn colors are beginning in the high country. A snake and a horned toad welcome us to their territory.

DSC03746 DSC03763
Bright foliage decorates our climb on Schnebly Hill.
Snake joins our hike. [photo by Brian]
... while a horned toad hides in the forest carpet.

We find rocks for picnic benches near the junction with the Hot Loop Trail and enjoy our lunch there. Then we proceed south toward the saddle where our trail meets the Jacks Canyon and Munds Mountain trails. On the way are fields of wildflowers and clear views of Mt. Humphreys and nearby Wilson Mountain.

View from the saddle between Munds Mountain and Schnebly Hill.

The saddle between Munds Mountain and Schnebly Hill is our turnaround point.

To the northwest we have a divided panorama, with the white rocks and forest cover of Munds Mountain on the left and the colorful, inspiring rock formations across Oak Creek straight ahead.

Jacks Canyon dominates the view to the south, flanked by Schnebly Hill on the left and Munds Mountain on the right. We see trails in both directions, an adventurous hike for another day, then pass through two Forest Service gates on our return to the junction with the logging road.

Ted decides to sweep on the way back, sending everyone on ahead at their own pace.

Scattered clouds cast their ever-changing shadows on the landscape as we walk the trail diagonally down to Munds Wagon Trailhead. A cool breeze refreshes us but scatters the dust. The hike ends with everyone in good spirits.

Our road back to civilization is rocky and plenty rough. Drivers of low-clearance cars are glad we car-pooled from west Sedona.

Jacks Canyon and Munds Mountain. [photo by Cyd]
What? You mean the Merry-Go-Round isn’t turning?
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