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Boulder Bob Day Hike
September 22, 2010
by Bill Zimmermann
  GPS Map
  GPS Map
Chuck, Bill, Dave, and Karen on the Arizona Trail.

Four hikers and gear packed into the Jeep Wrangler. Getting into the back seat would comparable to an "A" hike … sorry, Karen and Chuck.

We took the Bushnell Tank exit only to find FR 22 gated and locked. We were shoeing up when a ranch truck came by. They unlocked the padlock, and then relocked it after diving thru. That added extra 1/2 mile to get to the cattle crossing.

The air is clean after the rain.

The ground was squishy and wet with rains the night before. A small trail sign just before the cattle guard was of no help in finding the Arizona Trail following the instructions given in the book.

We bushwhacked to higher ground and headed in a direction toward a pre-plotted GPS location. Shortly after crawling under a barbed wire fence, Dave and Chuck spotted a trail.

We followed the trail to "CX2" were we found our fist signage that we were on the Arizona Trail.

At "TX" we followed old road to "S1" were we had lunch overlooking fast-flowing Boulder Creek. Dave spotted a mine.

Who’s got the horseshoe?
Bill, at the mine.

We hiked on to location "S2". Looking to the south we unable to spot an obvious trail to Boulder Pass. Out 4 miles with the temperature rising cemented our decision not to continue bushwhacking

Karen, waiting to ride that slperin bronc.
Chuck, how does that work?

We returned to "TX", turned right, and hiked uphill following a very deteriorated road. At the top Karen spotted a corral. We explored.

We returned on FR22 to the trailhead.

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