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Boulder Bob Day Hike
November 5, 2010
by Bill Zimmermann
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Bill, Chip, and Gary: One done, one to go, “mill site”.

The hike was originally scheduled for Thursday then was switched to Friday to get minimal number of hikers (3).

With an early 7:00 AM start the sunrise lit up the sycamores to beautiful deep orange and yellow glow.

We hiked the reverse direction from the September 22 hike by first heading east on FR 22 to the corral. Either the sun in our eyes or heavy in conversation caused us to overshoot the faint road leading to TX3.

At TX0 we started our bushwhacking focused on the distant boulder saddle heading toward S2 where the hike ended last time. The hike to S2 had ups and downs but was generally open to allow us to pick our way around the vegetation.

Chip and Gary came across a geological marker.

Bright autumn leaves in the Mazatzals.
Now we know where we are!
Snip it, Gary.

At S2 we headed across Boulder Creek. Unlike September 22, it was bone dry.

With no trail in site we headed toward the draw making full use of the Friskers pruning clipper as we cut our way through the catclaw.

About halfway up to the saddle at TX1 we came across cairns that we followed to the pass. After fence crossing FX1 the cairns were spotty as we headed down into the valley ahead. We walked toward a cluster of willows, tall and green, a possible source of water for a cabin. Chip spotted the cabin, a pile of rocks with a partial foundation.

Somebody put up a cairn to mark the way.

After lunch we headed back, stopping at mine tunnel “M” where we spotted a mouse and lots of crickets.

From there we followed the Arizona trail to AZT stopping for some great pictures at Sycamore Creek crossing CX2. From AZT we followed the dry, leaf-filled creek wash to FX2 where we hiked the road back to the van for a cold beer.

View of Mt. Ord from the Boulder Pass.
Sycamore Creek

Breezes throughout the day made the above-normal temperature quite tolerable. By day’s end we covered 10.6 miles, 2100' elevation change.

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