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Boulder Bob South Day Hike
Mazatzal Mountains
December 23, 2010
by Bill Zimmermann
  GPS Map 
Bill and Herm amid colorful boulders in the high country.

The hike was originally posted for Wednesday December 22. After the Tuesday evening weather forecast the consensus of the five interested hikers was to cancel. It was rescheduled for Thursday. Group size now two: Bill and Herm.

We won’t have to worry about the dust, this time.
A damp saguaro has survived.

The hike to approach Boulder Bob’s from the south started on FR1704. Sycamore creek was flowing across the roadway. The road leads uphill as we followed it to "RX1". At that point we left the road and followed what looked like a trail. It soon disappeared as we walked thru a grass filled boulder field. We headed left and up to a ridgeline looking to dodge the catclaw.

Along the ridgeline we came across a dead sheep in the late phase of decay. After photos were taken, Bill dismembered the lower jaw and tied it to his pack. Another trail treat. However, Herm did not care for the smell and refused to walk behind Bill. It wasn’t long before Bill could not tolerate his own smell and parted ways with his trail treat. He upgraded to a goat skull. Leaving the smell behind Herm and Bill donned their new cactus hats for the cameras.

As we approached the cabin, we spotted what appeared at one time to be a corral and a built-up ledge or road of sorts. We then came across what may have been a mill. See photo.

Our guess is the rounded cemented sphere on the ground at one time rotated inside the round opening at the top. Grind grain? Grind rocks? Was the slit in front for water to flow out?

Rocks don’t stand a chance in this crusher!

We added a little Christmas cheer to the cabin as Bill tied some ribbons to the chimney pole.

After lunch we headed back. We picked up a trail on a slightly eastern track heading to "RX2" where we joined the road just after crossing a deep wash. Following sheep’s wool caught on the catclaw was the ticket. Wool sweater anyone?

Bill decorates a cairn for Christmas.
Don’t step on this!
Herm’s cool mountain headgear.

P.S. We walked 9.7 miles, +-1800' elevation change. Never found the blue dotted pack trail.

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