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FR 191 Trail Day Hike
Mazatzal Mountains
November 27, 2010
by Bill Zimmermann
  GPS Map 
Chip, Dick, Rudy, Alice, George, Steve, Peter, Sally, Dan, Bill, Eileen, Ajay

Eight hikers left the meeting place and joined four more at the SR87/SR188 rest stop. Five cars traveled SR 87 southward for about 3 miles then took a nondescript exit onto FR 177. After a mile we came to the eastern end of FR 191, where the hike began.

Steve mentioned his thermometer read 38 degrees as we started out. After about a half mile the road became a path. Many portions of the path were over grown but still easily passable and we headed uphill. We were mostly in the shade until we reached TX2 where we took a short break in the sunshine. We continued to TX3, but decided to check out the mine on the way back.

We continued trudging upward to the saddle "SAD". At that point Peter thought to give his knee a rest and decided to turn back along with Dan. Peter emailed me that his GPS is ineffective when you are deep in conversation. They took a wrong fork for a temporary detour on the way back.

After the saddle the path widened as we continued downhill headed for our end point, the FR 201 intersection. There we found sunny spot free of wind for lunch.

Mercuria Mine in the forground of the Mazatzals. [Ajay Kak photo]
A perfect picnic by the trail.
Interesting sight at map location M1.
Trailside vegetation lines our lunch stop.
swing swing
The swing’s the thing. [photos by Eileen Root and by Bill Zimmermann]
Now that’s a shovel!
Eileen sights a cave along the way.

We took a slower paced return trip, pausing for pictures of the Mercuria Mine (M1).

At "TX3" Sally and Alice decided to head back saving their legs for next weekend’s Grand Canyon hike. The remaining eight headed up the hill looking for a mine.

We were not disappointed. The mine (M2) must have been a family operation. Many of us enjoyed our second childhood on the swing set that Rudy discovered.

Eileen stopped to inspect a cave we had overlooked on the way up. So as to not startle anybody or any creature she did announce her presence with “HELLO!”

Inspectors_AK Inspectors_WZ
AZHC Mine Inspectors. [photos by Ajay Kak and Bill Zimmermann]
Line dance on the Cane Spring Trail. [Ajay Kak photo]

With the car caravan down to three we took FR 177 south. We undid the gate before taking SR 87 south to the tunnel exit. Then we whipped through the tunnel heading straight to Jake’s Corner for beer, lunch, and gas. Some listened to music as Bill watched his Rose Bowl bound Alma mater crush Northwestern.

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