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Idaho Pass Day Hike
Goldfield Mountains
February 13, 2010
by Ted Tenny
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Fifteen fantastic Trailblazers at Idaho Pass in the Goldfields. [photo by Bill].
Peak 3269 was formed by Miocene volcanism.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect as 15 Arizona Trailblazers set out from the Idaho Access for a hike in the Goldfields.

After crossing two arroyos we walked north on the Idaho Pass Trail, through the canyon and up to the pass to catch our breath and take pictures. Between the pass and Bulldog Canyon we saw two arches and a wildlife watering station, built to keep animals in their natural habitat.

Temptation Peak, 3163, 3195 and 3075 on Bulldog Ridge
Tertiary rhyolite, or salt water taffy?
I took a likin’ to the lichens.
Chuck trains future AZHC hike leaders.

We stopped in Bulldog Canyon for hike leader training, with Ted Tenny and Chuck Parsons as instructors. Our club’s greatest need is hike leaders, so we encourage all who have leadership potential to be trained.

After leaving Bulldog Canyon we took a horse trail and the Wolverine Pass Trail south across Forest Service Road 10 and along the edge of the Tonto National Forest boundary. Along the way are fine views of Blue Ridge and the Superstitions, and a curious outcropping of quartz near Coyote Rock.

The Superstition Mountains tower over Blue Ridge.

The Wolverine Pass Trail isn’t well defined in the off-road area, so Ted was glad to see that the cairns he left in a pre-hike were still in place.

At last we climbed out of a wash and saw the cars, where Idaho Road dead-ends northbound.

“Remember to turn off your GPS,” Ted reminded everyone and the end of the hike. All were glad for a beautiful day in the Goldfields.

Coyote Rock from Wolverine Pass Trail. [photo by Bill].
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