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Fossil Springs Day Hike
April 18, 1998
by Darleen Lindquist
The creek is a pleasant sight on our way down.

We met between 7:00 a.m. and 7:30 in the parking lot by Arby’s on Shea Blvd and Hwy 87. Regrouped at MacDonalds in Payson and were at the site by 9:30 and started hiking right around 10:00.

Waterfalls at the dam were spectacular.
We had 20 hikers sign in: Darleen Lindquist, Pat Schulz, Kim Hackbarth, Mike Wargel, Robyn Thompson, Mike Mendelson, Bill Foster, Craig Baker, Wendy Valentine, Joe Wozwick, Pamela Caleskuzel, Peggy Giovanniello, Chuck Giovanniello, Sam Sonive, Anne Lewis, Barb Brackett, Tracey Pastore, Elaine Cobos and Rudy Arrendondo.

On the drive just up to Payson the brittlebush and poppies were blooming along the roadside. An absolutely beautiful sight to see.

The upper trail to the springs follows a winding, steep, dusty, hot old Jeep road two miles down past an old gravel pit. The trail turns south and goes a half mile to Fossil Springs.

The habitat is supported by springs issuing over a million gallons of water an hour. The springs got its name from the exposed limestone, which contain 350 million-year-old marine fossils, which none of were able to spot. Over 30 species of trees and shrubs provide habitant for 100 kinds of birds.

The creek was running rapidly with all of the rain and snow run-off. The waterfalls at the dam were spectacular. We even had a brave soul that went for a swim in the pool by the falls.

The weather was in the low 60s, which made it a pleasant hike.

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