Arizona Trailblazers
West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona
October 19, 2002
by Joe Michalides

Michael Humphrey, Chuck and Peggy Giovionello met me at Denny’s at Bell and I-17 at 7 AM and left by 7:20 AM. I was surprised at the light turnout as this is usually a very good hike. When we got to the trailhead it became obvious why. The lot was full and people were parking along 89A. I have never seen so many people on any of the hikes I have been on in Arizona. Everyone had turned out to see the Fall colors. It was still a very nice hike however. The fall colors were on display, most of the leaves still on the trees, so timing was perfect. The temperature was cool in the shade and warm in the sun. This is the first hike I have been on where I only drank a few sips of the 2 liters I had brought along. It was very damp in the canyon.

We checked out the old lodge, or what’s left of it, at the trailhead. There was a 3 room chicken coop, building made of stone and a root cellar cut into the side of a cliff. Several rooms and a fireplace was all that was left of the lodge. We hiked the 3 miles in to the end of the trail where the water reached both sides of the canyon and it was not possible to hike any further without getting our boots wet. We stopped there for lunch before starting back. On the way back to Phoenix we stopped at Tlaquepaque. We also stopped in Rock Springs Cafe in Black Canyon City for their famous pies and dinner.

Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club, Phoenix, Arizona
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