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Seven Falls Day Hike
Sabino Canyon, Tucson
March 7, 1998
by Jeannie Van Lew
Seven Falls
    We met at Einstein’s in Awhataukee again and then headed to Tucson. This time we didn’t lose Chuck and Peg and everyone met us at the Information Center. After being informed that the stream was running high and that some of the crossing were thigh deep, we took a vote whether we should continue or not. It was unanimously decided to continue with our original plan and see for ourselves the condition of the crossings. We first hiked to the tram station at the beginning of the Bear Canyon Trail, meeting our first water crossing at the bridge that is not NORMALLY under water.

The first stream crossing proved to be a most challenging experience. Some members hopped the rocks, while others strung a rope part way across the stream to provide some stability. Unfortunately, Tracey Pastore found out first hand how cold the water was when she slipped and fell into the stream. Many rescuers came to her aid. Tracey and a few others decided not to continue the hike at that point and returned to the valley (note: Tracey was fine, suffering from only wet clothes, cold and a few minor bumps and bruises).

You said that wet feet were possible ...
    The majority of the group decided to continue on. We hiked along the well-marked trail. At each crossing we looked for the best spot to cross to avoid getting wet. More often than not, we returned to the original trail crossing. The last crossing was the deepest as we had been told, but everyone managed to cross without incident.

After the last crossing we followed the trail up several switchbacks along the canyon wall. Then the trail headed up canyon in a gently ascending grade. We rounded the corner and could see the rock formation that towers over Seven Falls. We passed the fork that continues up Bear Canyon and opted to follow the path to the base of the falls. We passed a number of people wearing knit caps, gloves and jackets. We soon found out why. The wind is funneled through the canyon and was mighty cold as we sat there trying to enjoy our lunch and the sight of those AWSOME falls.

We returned the way we came, many opting to trudge through the stream and “just get wet” rather than worry about the possibility of slipping on a rock. Many of us plan to return to seven falls, but maybe when the weather is a little warmer!

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