Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
You can wear the club logo!

The Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club has the services of Big Stitch Embroidery in Tempe, so you can purchase items with a nicely stitched club logo. Above is a photo of the computer artwork.

The Club has paid for the logo setup. There will always be a set price of $6.50 to stitch the logo on any item – your choice. There is an 8.1% City of Tempe sales tax.

The lettering “” may be omitted; however, the logo stitch price remains $6.50.

You may view an online catalog. Instructions to view online catalog and order are below.

Big Stitch Online Order Procedures

Click on Products near the top of the page.
In the middle of this page you read   in large italics, and “Click here to view our online catalog”.

Choose a group, then your item of choice. The apparel items have bullets to the right of the item photo. Click on “View Spec Sheet” to view description of fabric, color and size chart. When you click on “View Product Measurement” this will give the measurement of the shirt when laid flat.

You may use the bullet “Email this Page” of the item to to get pricing. Or call and speak to Roy at Big Stitch 480-345-6337.

Example of how to navigate the online Product Catalog:

Click on Polos/Knits or T-shirts, then Performance to select the moisture wicking fabric shirts.

Click on Woven, then Fishing to view a shirt with UPF 40 sun protection and high performance quick drying fabric.

updated August 1, 2017