AZHC Meeting
 September 19, 2023 
 Members and Visitors Welcome 
to: Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
from: Tamar Gottfried
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subject: AZHC Meeting, September 19

Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club Meeting

Attention - new meeting place.

Tempe Bar and Grill in Phoenix - Boulders on Broadway
530 W. Broadway Road , Tempe 85252

 Tuesday, September 19, 2023, at 6:00 PM


We are excited to announce a new meeting location for the September meeting. They are conveniently located near freeways and accessible from Scottsdale, Phoenix and the East and South Valley. The menu is varied and affordable- Taco Tuesdays and happy hour menu available and they have several rooms available to us- quiet, cool and projector/ screen or monitor ready to use. Even parking is easy. We will having a raffle for Tonto passes, t shirts and other gear at the meeting so please join us!
Please RSVP to so we have a guestimate of how many attendees will be there.

Guest Speaker: Camille Cox
Subject: Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund

Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund is a nonprofit organization that is governed by a volunteer board of directors and community members who help to organize, support, maintain and preserve the extraordinary beauty of Red Rock Trail system in Sedona. Essential goals of the organization are to preserve the high density of archaeological sites, maintain the trails, keeping them in good condition; preventing soil erosion from weather damage, and preserving the region’s unique beauty.

We have invited Camille Cox, the administrator of the Red Rock Trail Fund to give us a speech about the uniqueness of this organization and introduce us to the most beautiful trails in this region. We, as a hiking club would also make a small donation to their fund. We are also in the process of contacting the Sedona Westerner Hiking Club about future joint volunteer work and hiking activities this fall season.

Please come to the meeting to show your support. You are welcomed to make an individual contribution for Sedona Red Rock Trail System.

Welcome, Introductions

President: Tamar Gottfried
Treasurer: Tom Simonick
Webmaster: Michael Humphrey
Statistician: John Scruggs

Previous Hikes: 
May 18 - Sunrise Mountain Trail Day Hike, PEORIA: Roberta Fowler
May 20 - Willow Springs Trail, Forest Lakes: Victoria Johnson
May 23 - Kayaking, Willow Lake: Chuck Parsons 
May 27 - 29 - Grandview Trail Day Hike, Grand Canyon: Li Li
June 3 - Highline Day Hike (AZT Passage 26), Pine: Michael Humphrey
June 10 - Mt. Ord Day Hike, Sunflower: Chris Everett
June 11 - San Francisco Peaks Trail Day Hike, Snowbowl: Stan Bindell
June 17 - General Crook Trail Volunteer Event, Woods Canyon Lake: Billie Horn 
June 22 - Westwing Mountain Day Hike, Peoria: Roberta Fowler 
June 24 - See and Drew Canyon Loop Day Hike, Mogollon Rim: Chris Everett
June 25 - Kachina Trail Day Hike, Flagstaff: Stan Bindell
July 1 - MORMON Mtn Day Hike, Flagstaff:  Stan Bindell
July 8-16 - San Juans campout, Colorado: Bud Tasch
July 11 - Willow Springs Lake Kayaking, Mogollon Rim: Chuck Parsons
August	5 - Mt Elden Day Hike, Flagstaff: Michael Humphrey
August 12 - Kendrick Peak Day Hike,	Flagstaff: Tom Simonick
August 14 - Upper Lake Mary Kayaking, Flagstaff: Norma Scott
August 17 - Voaz Loop Day Hike,	Phoenix: Robbi Fowler
August 19 - Goldwater Lake Day Hike, Prescott: Li Li
August 20 - Abineau Day Hike, Flagstaff: Les Cherow
August 26 - Lemmon Trail to Marshall Gulch Day Hike, Tucson: Li Li
September 2 - Little Granite Mountain Loop and Granite Mountain Vista, Prescott: Tom Simonick
September 12 - Kayaking, Willow Lake: Chuck Parsons
September 17 - Bismarck Lake Day Hike, Flagstaff: Les Cherow

Upcoming Hikes:  
September 24 - Aravipa Canyon Day Hike, Galiuro Mountains: Michael Humphrey
September 30 - << open >>	 	 	 
October	7 - 9 - Boulder Canyon Backpack, Superstitions: Robbi Fowler/Anna Rago
October 14 - << open >>
October 21 - << open >>	 	 	 
October 28 - << open >>
November 4 - << open >>
November 5 - 9 - Apache Lake Kayak/Campground, Superstitions: Norma Scott

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