Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Bluff Springs Trail Day Hike
when Trip Report : March 26, 2022
where Superstition Wilderness
the hike     Starting at the Peralta Trailhead, we take the Bluff Springs Trail (#235) and climb steeply (nicknamed “Cardiac Hill”) for ½ mile. After the first ¼ mile, we reach a ledge with a scenic view back towards the trailhead.
    We continue climbing for another ¼ mile until we reach a ridge (about 400 feet up from the trailhead) looking down into Peralta Canyon on the west and Barks Canyon on the east with a view towards Miner’s Needle in the distance. Bark’s Canyon is named after Jim Bark, who was involved in the Barkley Basin/Circle U ranching operations.
    We climb another 200' to a small plateau lined with boulders and pause to catch our breath. We will head south towards the end of the plateau for a group shot with a spectacular panoramic view as a backdrop.
    We come to the junction with the Cave Trail (#233) and continue right (east) following the contour. We descend into Bark’s Canyon crossing a tributary of Bark’s creek. We travel up Bark’s Creek for about ½ mile then begin a climb NE passing in between 2 knolls. We will stop here for a short break and photo op.
    A short distance after passing the knolls we reach the junction with Terrapin Trail (#234).
    We continue north then east and enter Bluff Springs Canyon. We travel beside the creek criss crossing for about a mile to the Dutchman’s Trail #104 and Crystal Springs. We pass a remnant of the Ely Anderson Trail (used by miners to mule train ore). We head north about ¼ mile to the Bluff Springs cutoff and then head northwest up the drainage about 200 yards to the spring.
    We return by the same route.
What to bring.
•  At least 3 liters of water
•  Sunglasses
•  Sunscreen
•  Snacks and camera
distance 6.7 miles
time 4-5 hours
EC +-1315' elevation change
elevations 2410' (Peralta Trailhead), 3045' Bluff Springs
type Out and back
starting at
Peralta Trailhead 33° 23.836' N,  111° 20.841' W  [NAD27]
on trail 94% — Bluff Springs Trail
rating "B"     Rate yourself as a hiker.
dogs allowed no
cost Sharing gas expenses with the driver.
The club also allows voluntary contributions of $5 per non-member.
weather Apache Junction
meet in
7:00 AM at Home Depot in east Mesa on the southeast corner of Power and US 60. Drive east on the Superstition Freeway (US 60) to Superstition Springs Blvd., exit 187. Take that exit, turn right, and go ½ mile east, across Power Road. Then turn left, toward Home Depot, at the second driveway. Park in the southwest corner of the lot, behind Burger King. We will make carpooling arrangements there.
meet at
8:00 AM at the Peralta Trailhead
•  Take US 60 approximately 20 miles east of Phoenix to Peralta Road.
Turn left on Peralta Rd. and drive east 6 miles the trailhead.
Peralta Road is a graded dirt road and is suitable for passenger cars.
Restrooms are available at the trailhead.

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