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updated October 2, 2023
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•  When you see an event that interests you, click on its name to read the details.
Rate yourself as a hiker  to make sure the hike is within your capabilities.
Before attending, please call or email the leader to confirm.
Non-members are welcome to hike with us.
Parking at some trailheads requires a pre-paid pass or a park entrance fee. If so, it will be noted in the hike description.
When car-pooling, please bring enough money to pay your share of the cost of gas.
On each hike, the club allows voluntary contributions at the rate of $5 per non-member.
Our event schedule changes frequently. If it seems out of date, re-load this page.
→  Carpool meeting locations
August 5 Mt Elden Day Hike Flagstaff Michael Humphrey
12 Kendrick Peak Day Hike Flagstaff Tom Simonick
14 Upper Lake Mary Kayaking Flagstaff Norma Scott
17 Voaz Loop Day Hike Phoenix Robbi Fowler
19 Goldwater Lake Day Hike Prescott Li Li
20 Abineau Day Hike Flagstaff Les Cherow
26 Lemmon Trail to Marshall Gulch Day Hike Tucson Li Li
September 2 Little Granite Mountain Loop and Granite Mountain Vista Day Hike Prescott Tom Simonick
9 Watson Lake Trail and Beyond Day Hike Prescott Li Li
12 Kayaking Willow Lake Chuck Parsons
17 Bismarck Lake Day Hike Flagstaff Les Cherow
19 Club Meeting, 6:00 PM Tempe Tamar Gottfried
24 Aravipa Canyon Day Hike Galiuro Mountains Michael Humphrey
28 >Lost Dog Wash Trail to Taliesin Overlook Day Hike McDowell Sonoran Conservancy Robbi Fowler
30 Plateau Point Day Hike Grand Canyon Li Li
October 5 Ballantine Trail, Rio Verde Day Hike Four Peaks Wilderness Billie Horn
7 Saddle Mountain Day Hike Mazatzal Mountains Tamar Gottfried
12 Storm Trails Day Hike Prescott Billie Horn
14 Calloway Butte Day Hike Strawberry, AZ Victoria Johnson
24 Kayaking Canyon Lake Chuck Parsons
November 4      
5 - 9 Apache Lake Kayak/ Campout Superstitions Norma Scott
21 Club Meeting, 6:00 PM Tempe Tamar Gottfried

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