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updated January 18, 2022

•  When you see an event that interests you, click on its name to read the details.
Rate yourself as a hiker  to make sure the hike is within your capabilities.
Before attending, please call or email the leader to confirm.
Non-members are welcome to hike with us.
Parking at some trailheads requires a pre-paid pass or a park entrance fee. If so, it will be noted in the hike description.
When car-pooling, please bring enough money to pay your share of the cost of gas.
On each hike, the club allows voluntary contributions at the rate of $5 per non-member.
Our event schedule changes frequently. If it seems out of date, re-load this page.
→  Carpool meeting locations
Dec 4 Houston Brothers Trail Mogollon Rim Rodney Baba
5 Lower Fish Creek Canyon Superstitions Michael Humphrey
8 Bird Walk Chandler Randall Greeley
9 Granite Mountain Scottsdale Neil Dennis
11 Peak 5057 Superstitions Vicki Reddick
12 Dale Chihuly walk Phoenix Lin Chao
12 Spur Cross Trail Cave Creek Stan Bindell
18 Twin Treks Tucson Mark Purcell
18 Bird Walk Gilbert Randall Greeley
21 Saguaro Lake Kayaking Butcher Jones Beach Chuck Parsons
24 Sunrise North Mountain Park Billie Horn
31 Bird Walk Gilbert Lin Chao
Jan 1 Malpais Loop Queen Creek Randall Greeley
2 Camp Creek Carefree Rodney Baba
5 Dale Chihuly walk Phoenix Lin Chao
5 Ma-Ha-Tauk Trail South Mountain Park Deirdre Sparling
8 Parker Creek Trail Sierra Ancha Tamar Gottfried
12 Holbert to National South Mountain Park Deirdre Sparling
15 White Tank Mountain Litchfield Park Vicki Reddick
18 Kayaking Lake Pleasant Regional Park Chuck Parsons
18 Club Meeting, 7:00 PM Zoom Lin Chao
19 Geronimo Cave Superstition Mountains Deirdre Sparling
22 Awards Potluck Goldfields Lin Chao
28-30 Sandhill Cranes Trip Willcox Michael Humphrey
29 Picketpost Mountain Superior Vicki Reddick
30 Hassayampa River Preserve Wickenburg Wendy Rennert
Feb 2 Bird Walk Gilbert Randall Greeley
5 Russian Well Prescott NF Victoria Johnson
8 Dale Chihuly walk Phoenix Deirdre Sparling
12 Quartz Peak Sierra Estrella Stan Bindell
18-21 Winter Festival,
Bryce Canyon
Utah Lin Chao
Mar 5      
6 Canyon Lake Kayaking Tonto NF Lin Chao
6 Canyon Lake Kayaking Tonto NF Chuck Parsons
15 Club Meeting, 7:00 PM Zoom Lin Chao

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