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Making our way around a fallen log in Yaegar Canyon. [Quy Nguyen photo]

Utah: Arches National Park
Apr 2004 Arches National Park Oct 2016 Arches National Park Oct 2021 Arches National Park

Utah: Bryce Canyon
Aug 1998 Bryce Canyon Sep 2014 Zion-Bryce Canyon May 2021 Bryce Canyon
Aug 2021 Bryce Canyon Feb 2022 Bryce Canyon

Oct 1999 Paria Canyon Sep 2017 Zion National Park Oct 2021 Lake Powell
Sep 2022 Zion National Park

May 2001 Mesa Verde June 2018 Mesa Verde Aug 2018 Rocky Mtn. NP

Aug 2017 Total Eclipse Aug 2022 Yellowstone Aug 2022 Surprize Lake

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