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Fred Haught Trail Day Hike
Coconino National Forest / Mogollon Rim
November 20, 2021
by Rodney Baba
Trailblazers at General Springs Cabin.
Diane, Mimi, Barbara, Vicki (kneeling), Randall, Tamar, Terry,
Rudy “the Legend” (Kneeling), Li, Rod (Kneeling) and Tom

Twelve hikers met early Saturday morning for a journey into Arizona history along the Fred Haught Trail.

After a late start, due to some confusing directions to the trailhead, the group posed in front of the General Springs Cabin for a group photo and introductions.

Traveling back into history we waved goodbye to the present.

The hike was leisurely and scenic as we passed a riparian recovery area to our right. It was easy to imagine pioneers choosing this area to settle as we passed through tall trees along a gradually widening canyon floor and passing increasingly large creekside meadows. The coniferous forest closes in quickly as the canyon narrows and silence reigned.

Hikers on the march. [photos by Li]

Initially, everyone bundled up against the chill morning amid pine, spruce, and fir trees. The temperature quickly rose as the sun breached the canyon wall and provided perfect hiking weather.

Hikers on the march. [photos by Heather]

At the half-mile mark the trail heads east, and we crossed a low sandstone ridge before descending to the bottom of the fir-lined General Springs Canyon.

Hikers on the march.
Tom and Li. [photos by Li]
One of the many stream crossings.

There was a total of 10 creek crossing but only one required you to cross on a couple of small logs, and the surface of the creek was frozen in various spots along the trail.

Crossing the water.
Watch your step! [photo by Li]
Ice was thick enough that rocks wouldn’t break the surface. [photos by Heather and Vicki]

For the next couple of miles, there were Noble Fir (popular Christmas tree) and young Spruce trees amidst a stand of Pines.

Where there’s water, there’s life. [photo by Vicki]

Just before the 3-mile point, the route of the Arizona Trail splits off to the west to climb the canyon side, while the Fred Haught Trail stays along the creek bottom. Soon after the trail junction, we arrived at a sign (3.5 Mile) and turn east for ½ mile toward the Fred Haught cabin, where only the foundation and fireplace mark the location.

Standing by the remains of the fireplace. [photo by Li]
Vicki. [photo by Vicki]

We stopped for a break and a snack. Several members rock hopped their way up the canyon to the spring before we returned and bid farewell until the next hike.

Farewell to the Fred Haught Trail. [photo by Heather]
Several of us stopping for lunch on the way home. Yummy dessert! [photo by Vicki]
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