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Apache Trail Canyon
East of Tortilla Flat
October 22, 2022
by Robert Plowman
Trailblazers ready to hike. [photo by Lin]
Robert, Steve, Li, Tom, Deirdre, Ron.

Carpool Drivers: Ron Schueman, Robert Plowman
Carpool Distance: 60 Miles
Hike distance: 5 miles
Cumulative elevation gain: 1000 feet

Our canyon adventure started at 8:00 AM with seven hikers.

Tom skirting a pool. [photo by Lin]
Tight part of the canyon. [photo by Lin]
Deirdre and Li in a boulder tangle. [photo by Lin]
Steve crossing a hole on an old pipe. We think this pipe used to be part of
the railing around an observation point on canyon rim. [photo by Lin]
Steve passing through more boulders. [photo by Lin]
Lin and Robert, with the right arm of Li. [photo by Ron]
Deirdre, Robert, Lin, and Ron in a tunnel. [photo by Li]
Robert, Lin, Steve, Li, Tom. [photo by Ron]

We entered a tunnel through a boulder tangle, where we found a knee-deep pool. Everyone got wet feet, even Lin (doing the split).

Another view of the pool. Steve is in foreground, Ron is on the other side. [photo by Li]
Deirdre, Lin, and Ron passing through another tunnel. [photo by Li]
Tom & Li at overlook above the canyon. [photo by Li]

We skipped the need for a shuttle by doing a loop back to our vehicles on a long-abandoned part of the original Apache Trail. This part was so old that at times it was difficult to see there was ever a road. It was in this stretch that we found an old mileage marker.

Robert by old mileage post. [photo by Lin]

We finished by 1:00 PM, after which we enjoyed lunch at the Tortilla Flat saloon.

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