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Bluff Springs Trail
Superstition Wilderness
March 26, 2022
by Rodney Baba
Trailblazers at Peralta. [photo by Vicki]
Rod, Vicki, Carol, Terry, Diane, Tamar, Anna

Saturday morning in late March a spirited group of 7 met at the Peralta Trailhead for a hike to Bluff Springs.

Gathering at Peralta Trailhead. [photos by Vicki]

Starting at the Peralta Trailhead, we took the Bluff Springs Trail (#235) and climb a steep incline nicknamed “Cardiac Hill” for ½ mile.

Cardiac Hill. [photo by Vicki]

The climb was not the only thing to take our breath away as hearts pounding, we stroll among a carpet of wild flowers and spectacular views.

Spectacular views. [photos by Vicki]
Wildflowers. [photos by Vicki]
Spectacular views. [photos by Vicki]

After the first quarter mile, we stopped at a ledge with a scenic view back towards the trailhead.

We stopped at a ledge. [photo by Rod]

We continued climbing for another ¼ mile until we reach a ridge (about 400 feet up from the trailhead) looking down into Peralta Canyon on the west and Barks Canyon on the east with a view towards Miner’s Needle in the distance.

Phew!! We made it!! [photos by Vicki]
Vicki with Peralta Canyon as a backdrop. [photo by Vicki]

We ascended another 200' to a small plateau lined with boulders and paused to catch our breath.

Diane and Terry after our ascent. [photo by Vicki]

We came to the unmarked junction with the Cave Trail (#233) and continued east, following the contour.

Tamar pauses to soak up the panoramic landscape, Vicki enjoying a moment of respite. [photos by Vicki]

We descended into Bark’s Canyon.

Bark’s Canyon. [photos by Vicki]
Crossing a tributary of Bark’s Creek, pausing often to enjoy the cool rock. [photos by Vicki]
Enjoying the cool stones that line Bark’s Creek. [photos by Rod]

We traveled up Bark’s Creek for about ½ mile then began a climb NE, passing in between two knolls.

View from Bark’s Creek. [photos by Vicki]

We paused in the shade of a large boulder for a short break and photo op.

A short distance after passing the knolls, we reach the junction with Terrapin Trail (#234).

Rod telling Terry he brought 5 liters of water and cooling towels. [photo by Vicki]
Edible Thistle. [photo by Vicki]

We continued north then east and entered Bluff Springs canyon. Wild Flowers abound.

Wildflowers Abound. [photos by Vicki]

We traveled beside the creek criss crossing for about a mile to the Dutchman’s Trail #104 junction.

View of Weaver’s Needle from Bluff Springs Canyon. [photo by Vicki]

We passed a remnant of the Ely Anderson Trail (used by miners to mule train ore) then headed north along the Dutchman’s Trail about ¼ mile to the Bluff Springs cutoff. We turned northwest up the drainage about 200 yards to the spring. After a break, we returned to the trailhead.

Water in the Springs. [photos by Rod]
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