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Cabin Loop Backpack
Mogollon Rim
June 3-5, 2022
by Rodney Baba

On Friday morning 6 backpackers met for a 3-day intermediate backpack. We hiked three trails that are a part of the Cabin loop system.

Paul, Chris, Julia, Robbi, Rod, and Anna. [photo by Rod]

We set out on day 1 from the trailhead where FR95 intersects Houston Draw.

Hikers Parade
Robbi, Paul, Chris, Anna, and Julia. [photos by Rod]

We traveled down a short access trail and crossed the stream and to the Fred Haught Trail (#141).

Paul with his backpack guitar, Robbi, Anna, Julia, and Chris. [photos by Rod]

After a short distance we arrived at Pinchot Cabin, where we signed in and paused for some pictures.

Sign in please. [photo by Rod]
Anna, Chris, and Robbi, reading up on Pinchot Cabin. [photo by Rod]

From the cabin, we headed north up the UBAR Trail (#28). We traveled about ½ mile along the ridge intersecting a road (139G).

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, into the woods we go. [photos by Rod]
Pausing to catch our breath and looking for Cell Phone coverage. [photo by Paul]

We travel ¼ mile along the road crossing FR 95 then turned east.

Hiking across the ridge. [photo by Paul]
Julia in the trees (left); Sonoran Horned Lizard (right). [photos by Rod]

We crossed a shallow stream at the bottom of Dick Hart Draw and ascended the other side.

Anna, Julia (back), Chris and Paul, enjoying a short break. [photo by Rod]

We turned SE and traveled along a plateau for about ½ mile until we dropped sharply about 200 ft. into Barbershop canyon crossing another shallow stream.

Trees and Grass abound on the plateaus at the top of the ridges. [photos by Rod]
Fern carpet in the bottom of the draws. [photo by Rod]
Julia checking out a cave. [photo by Rod]

We hiked out of Barbershop Canyon (½ Mile) and crossed another road (9709G), where we paused briefly to catch our breath.

View into Draw. [photos by Rod]

We crossed another plateau, followed a road (9616A) and descend into McClintock Draw near McClintock Spring.

A well-earned break. [photo by Rod]

Climbing out of McClintock Draw, we crossed road 145A before we moved down into Dane Canyon.

Climbing out of the Draw. [photo by Rod]

After crossing a shallow stream, we parallel the stream bed for 1¼ miles to Dane Spring.

We set up camp, gathered water and explored the area before enjoying cocktail hour.

Finding the Perfect Spot. [photos by Rod]

We poured wine and toasted our first day.

Raise a Toast for a day of Backpacking. [photo by Rod]

We prepared dinner and had pleasant conversation until dark.

Chillin’ after the first day. [photo by Rod]
Perfect Technique for Throwing a Bear Bag Rope. [photo by Rod]
Chris Tests Hammock. [photo by Rod]

We drifted off to sleep to the sound of Paul singing and playing his backpack guitar.

We awoke on day 2 to birds serenading the dawn.

We ate breakfast, packed up and began our trek.

Breakfast. [photos by Rod]
Packing up. [photos by Rod]
Is it a bird, Is it a Plane …? [photo by Chris]
Setting off again. [photos by Rod]

We traveled south on the UBAR Trail (#28) about 1½ miles to the junction with the Barbershop Trail (#91).

Another Glorious Day in the Forest. [photos by Rod]

We turned west at the junction and dropped into McClintock Draw after ¼ mile.

Cactus Flowers. [photo by Rod]

We crossed a shallow stream and climbed out of McClintock Draw. We crossed FR321C about 1½ miles from the Junction.

Signs along the road. [photo by Paul]
What altitude ... [photo by Rod]
Tree lined trail. [photo by Rod]

We travel along the road for ¾ mile and turned southwest leaving the road for about ½ mile. We turned Northwest and climbed about ½ mile to a plateau. From the plateau we dropped into Dane Canyon and crossed another shallow stream. After a short climb to a ridge, we crossed FR145 and dropped into Barbershop Canyon.

One of many draws and side draws we crossed. [photo by Chris]
The stream at the bottom of Barbershop Canyon. [photo by Paul]

We paused for lunch and an afternoon nap (not really).

ZZZZZZZ. [photos by Rod]

After a sharp climb out of Barbershop Canyon, we traveled ¾ miles up the broad meadows of Barbershop Canyon to Dick Hart Ridge.

Robbi laughs at the Altitude. [photo by Rod]
Crossing Broad Meadow in Barbershop Canyon. [photos by Rod]

We crossed a road (FR139) before dropping into East Bear Canyon and intersecting the Houston Brothers Trail (#171).

A well-deserved rest. [photos by Rod]

We traveled north on the Houston Brothers Trail dropping in and out of side draws amid carpets of fern surrounded by towering trees.

North on Houston Brothers Trail. [photos by Rod]
Fern Carpet. [photo by Rod]

When we reached Houston Draw, the water was shallow and muddy, so we elected to continue another ¾ mile to Aspen Springs. Since we were close to the trailhead, Julia elected to continue and cut the trip short.

The remaining group set up camp. Water was plentiful.

Day 2 Setting up Camp. [photos by Rod]

The group explored Aspen Springs cabin and the spring.

Cocktail hour was pleasant, but since we had hiked longer than expected, we started dinner early.

Happy Hour. [photos by Rod]
Dinner Time. [photos by Rod]

A pleasantly tired group drifted off to sleep to Paul singing.

We awoke on day 3 to again to birds serenading to the dawn.

Breaking Camp. [photos by Rod]

After packing, we traveled a short distance north on the Houston Brothers Trail, pausing briefly to view Pinchot Springs before arriving at Pinchot Cabin.

Leaving second camp. [photo by Rod]

We signed out of the register and hiked a short distance up the Fred Haught Trail (#141) before crossing a stream and heading to our vehicles.

Since the hike was short, we agreed to stop in Payson (Beeline Café) to eat before returning to the carpool site.

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updated June 11, 2022