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General Crook Trail #140 Volunteer Event
Mogollon Rim
May 14, 2022
by Rodney Baba

A special thank you to all who participated in our inaugural volunteer event, particularly our Executive Officers for leading by example!

Michael Humphrey — Vice President
Tom Simonick — Treasurer
Li Li
Neil Dennis
Martha Milner
Carol Bryant
Rodney Baba — Volunteer Coordinator

On May 14, seven Arizona Trailblazers met with Austin Gebers from the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests Black Mesa Ranger District and another volunteer from the Pinetop District for the inaugural AZ Trailblazers Volunteer Event.

Hikers at Carr Lake Trailhead. [photo by Rod]
back: Pinetop Volunteer Mike, Li, Martha, Mike, Black Mesa District Rep Austin, Tom
front:  Rod, Carol, Neil

The AZT volunteers partnered with the Black Mesa Ranger District to clean up the section of the General Crook Trail #140 between Rim Top Trailhead and Carr Lake Trailhead. We cleaned up the trail, removing trash and debris, moved small obstructions (trees, rocks) from the trail, replaced missing and damaged trail markers and put the blaze in Trailblazers. The tread from the Woods Canyon Lake Road (FR105) to the Rim Top Trailhead had disappeared (probably due to snowfall and neglect). We assisted Austin in blazing a new tread for the conservation crew to clear.

Austin Gebers, Apache-Sitgreaves Ranger District. [photo by Carol]

Our volunteer crew rendezvoused at the Rim Top Trailhead, piled into 2 vehicles, and drove about 5 miles up the Rim Road (FR300) to the Carr Lake Trailhead.

We distributed gloves, trash bags, tools, and trail markers.

Hikers Parade. [photos by Rod]

We crossed the road and picked up the trail heading east. The route was well marked (conservation crew worked on this section last year), but still needed work.

Hikers Parade. [photos by Rod]
Rod and Austin Discussing Trail Conditions. [photo by Li]
Carol found Tools Accidentally Left by the Trail Crew. [photo by Li]
Intact Trail Sign. [photo by Rod]

We spent time replacing trail markers in both directions. We also removed dead branches obstructing the view from one marker to the next.

Clearing Branches so Trail Markers are visible. [photos by Rod]
Clearing More Branches. [photos by Li]
Old Chevrons. [photo by Carol]
Stones in the Muddy Tread. [photo by Li]

We traveled SE crossing several roads that honeycomb the area picking up trash and debris along the way.

Tom, Li, Michael and Martha Searching for Trash. [photo by Rod]
Martha Finds a Deer. [photo by Carol]
Paused from the Work to Admire the Wildflowers. [photos by Li]
Li Guiding the Work. [photo by Rod]

We crossed the Woods Canyon Lake access road (FR 105) at about the halfway point before turning ESE. At this point the tread disappeared, either washed away or covered with new growth.

Crossing the road. [photos by Rod]
Tacking a Chevron to a tree. [photo by Carol]

We worked with Austin to find the best path (ridges along naturally occurring ditches, berms around water sinks, paths around downed trees) marking with plastic ribbons, trail markers and flags.

Looking for New Track and Flagging. [photos by Rod]
Where is the Track? [photo by Rod]
Where Tread Fails Follow the Road. [photo by Rod]
One Sign needed to be Raised. [photos by Li]
Other Signs were in Good Shape. [photo by Tom]

Along the way, we found an original marker placed by General Crook’s soldiers. The “V” stands for Verde and the 70 is a mile marker.

Original marker placed by General Crook’s soldiers. [photo by Rod]
Many Freshly Fallen Trees Straddled the Trail. [photo by Li]

There were two conservation areas preserving stands of Aspen straddling the old tread and we marked a new path circumventing both areas. Just past the conservation areas, the trail intersects the old rim road, we turned east and traveled a short distance to the Rim Top Trailhead.

A Job Well Done! [photo by Rod]

The drivers rode back to the Carr Lake Trailhead to retrieve the cars and return to the Rim Top Trailhead to pick up the rest of the hikers.

We rewarded ourselves with a well-earned lunch at Macky’s Grill in Payson.

Hungry, Tired and Satisfied Volunteers. [photos by Rod]
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updated May 21, 2022