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Bell Trail #17 to Wet Beaver Creek
April 19, 2022
by Rodney Baba

11 hikers met to hike the popular Bell Trail #17 to the “Tongue of the Beaver” or to the locals “The Crack”.

Ready to hike. [photo by Rod]
Standing:  Anna, Jan, Martha, Neil, Ronnie, Billie, Sadia
Sitting: Diane, Terry, Rod, Kazi

From the trailhead, we followed an old cattle trail blasted along the contours of the canyon about 10-12' above the streambed.

Parade of Hikers. [photos by Rod]

We turned onto an unnamed trail leading down to the creek.

Picking our way down to the Creek. [photos by Rod]

We stopped in a glade to take pictures and enjoyed the sound of rushing water.

Taking Pictures at the Creek. [photos by Rod]

We returned to the main trail and proceeded among the junipers and mesquite trees pausing often to view the escarpment of red sandstone.

One of many escarpments. [photo by Rod]

We gathered around a rock containing petroglyphs before continuing down the trail.

Admiring the petroglyphs. [photos by Rod]
Petroglyphs. [photos by Rod]

We stopped where the stream flowed over a bedrock of red sandstone amid the scenic views of the riparian area.

Climbing down to where the stream flows over a red sandstone shelf. [photos by Rod]

We arrived at the White Mesa Trail #86 (1.7 miles from trailhead) and paused to looked up the trail leading to White Mesa relieved that we didn’t have to climb that. We continued down the trail passing the Apache Maid Trail #15 junction (2.2 mi) to a sign marking the entrance to the Wet Beaver Creek wilderness area.

We took a side trip down the Weir trail #86 (2.5 mi) veering right about ¼ mile toward the USGS creek gauging station. We paused on a ledge overlooking the creek for a snack and stared at the base covering the gauge. It was covered with dents probably caused by rocks and debris during flash floods.

Taking a break at the USGS Creek Gauging Station. [photos by Rod]

We returned to the Bell Trail and took the left fork and began to ascend the canyon wall. We traveled up to a ledge that skirts the canyon wall and paused to admire the scenery down the creek below.

Viewing the creek from the Canyon wall. [photo by Rod]

The path followed the contours of the canyon for about ½ mile before dropping down to the creek.

A spur trail leading to the left brings us to the “Beaver’s Tongue”.

Say “Ahhh”. [photo by Rod]

We took a break, watching 30-40 students from two boarding schools take turns diving into the pools below.

Just Chillin’ . [photos by Rod]

No one ventured into the water and we left the kids to their fun, returning by the same route.

We made it! [photos by Rod]
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updated April 24, 2022