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General Crook Clean Up trip report

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General Crook Clean Up Hike
Woods Canyon Lake
June 17, 2023
by Billie Horn

The Arizona Trailblazer Hiking Club (thanks to Rodney) partnered, last year with the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest's Black Mesa Ranger District to clean up and maintain a 5 mile section of the General Crook Trail between Rim Top TH and Carr Lake TH. In Rodney's absence a dozen hikers, led by Billie and Neil kept our commitment to the project on Saturday 6/17/23. After dropping cars off at Rim Top TH we hauled everyone over to the Carr Lake TH to begin our trek.The leaders handed out trash bags, gloves and pickers, Michael took our group photo and we started out searching for trash. We didn't have to venture far into the woods before we spotted some wrappers, glass and plastic water bottles which may have been tossed from cars and blown by the wind, or simply dropped on the trail by careless hikers. The 5 mile stretch is fairly flat with nice footpaths for easy walking and we all enjoyed the outing. We arrived back at the RT TH where the first cars were parked and the drivers were then transported over to the Carr-Lake TH to retrieve their cars. The project was successful and fun. Our commitment to the Forest Service is now complete unless someone in the AZTB club wants to step up and continue it. If anyone is interested, please contact me, Billie for all the information need to continue it. Thanks to all who joined us for doing such a good job as clean up crew. We deposited all the trash in the predetermined spot, had lunch or refreshments and then hit the road for home. Two hikers were headed to another trail head in the area to enjoy another hike.

group A
Trailblazers are ready to cleaning up the Greneral Crook trail.
You can see to multiple filled trash bags

Debbie and Michael did the 5 miles up and down the Military Sink Hole trail from the 260 trailhead to the Rim road. It is a very steep trail, but wide and no sharp drop offs.

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