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Sandhill Cranes trip
January 13 - 15, 2023
by Michael Humphrey

Eight hearty trailblazers drove to Wilcox on an late Friday. We checked into our hotels. Carol, Ray, Mary, Vicky, Mike, Bille, Neil and me meet a little before sun set. We went to close sandhill crane area. Not many were here, but later they started to fly in and over us.

The Sandhill Cranes fling over us.
The sun set was very beautiful.

After sun set we left for dinner at a local mexican dinner. The meal was very good. We need to get to bed early, so we can get up before dawn. That way we can catch the birds before they fly off their feeding grounds. They choose different feeding grounds, so trying to find them there is a bad idea. I wish that the birds would post their schedule, so finding were they are would be easier.

Sandhill near Wilcox
Sandhill in formation. [photo by Michael]

About an hour after sun rise the sandhills have flown off to their feeding grounds. So we go back to our hotels and have breakfast. After breakfast we are off to Ft Bowie. Everyone should go and see Ft Bowie. It shows what a real western fort looked like. Tv and movies do not correctly show western forts. Ft Bowie had the first ice cream machine west of the Mississippi. It is also where the capture of Geronimo was run from. All the places that have Geronimos name are wrong. Geronimo did not travel north of where I-10 is today until his capture.
After Ft Bowie we went to a pecon farm. Wilcox has large orchards of pecons, apples and other trees. This let us pick up fresh pecon that have no processing. Pick the correct time and you can pick your self.

Lots of Sandhills cranes at Whitewater Wildlife. [photo by Vicky]
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