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Soldiers Pass Cave Hike
November 29, 2023
by Robert Plowman
group A
Trailblazers going to find Soldiers Pass cave. [photo by Lin]
Lin, Deirdre, Peggy, Anna, Robert.

The five of us set out from the valley at 0530, bound for Sedona, arriving there at the Jordan Road trailhead at 0830. Traffic was lighter than we expected and only a few cars were in the parking lot. Our hike was a loop, counter-clockwise, starting at the Cibola trail and connecting to the Soldiers’ Pass trail at the Devil’s Kitchen sinkhole.

Devils Kitchen sinkhole. [photo by Lin]

Foot traffic was still light. Somewhere past the seven pools, we split off to the east to see the Soldiers’ Pass caves.

At a split in the trail. [photo by Lin]
Soldiers’ Pass cave. [photo by Peggy]

After exploring the main cave, two of us continued through the cave, working our way along a narrow ledge (above). Past the ledge, we climbed out of the cave and reached the rim of Brin’s Mesa. From there, we hiked a side trail to the summit of Brin’s Mesa, which gave us beautiful views over the surrounding area. Three members returned to the main Soldiers’ Pass trail and continued north, then south on the Brin’s Mesa trail and back to the trailhead.

Anna at top of Brins Mesa. [photo by Robert]

All five rejoined at the trailhead for lunch.

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