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Sunrise Mountain Trail Day Hike
December 21, 2023
by Wendy Rennert
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by Wendy
group A
Festive Trailblazers hikers . [photo by Windy]
Back: Rudy, Yu-Ling, Robbi, Bill, Prati, Norm, Debi, Mike, Geno, Rich, Nick, Barbara, Denise, Brian.
Front: Terri, Wendy.

We had great hiking temperatures, and with the rain yesterday and forecasted rain for the weekend, we dodged the bullet with no rain forecasted for today's hike. This was a combined hike of the North Mountain Visitor’s Center (NMVC) group and the Arizona Trailblazers. We made it a little festive for the holidays - some of us donned Santa hats or reindeer headbands for our group picture. A few chose to wear them for the duration of the hike too!

View of Sunrise Loop as seen from the Saguaro Loop. [photo by Windy]
View of New River Dam. [photo by Windy]

The hike is a series of 3 loops - Sunrise, Saguaro Family, and Ridgeline. The trails are well marked, and despite it being located in a residential neighborhood (with some construction still ongoing), the route affords nice views of the nearby mountains and the New River Dam, as well as Four Peaks in the distance. We could also see State Farm Stadium in the distance.

Colorful ornaments on the tree for the holidays. I’m sure it’s one of many around the Valley trails. [photo by Windy]

Along the route we came across 2 trees decorated for Christmas, and saw an American flag atop one of the peaks. Everyone enjoyed the variety of moderate uphill and downhill sections, which made for a good workout.

Santa and 3 of the reindeers. Oh wait, that’s just us! [photo by Windy]
Hey, what are you all looking at? [photo by Windy]

Happy Holidays!

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