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Tempe Town Lake Day Hike
December 31, 2023
by Lin Chao
group A
Trailblazers by Tempe town Lake.
Front - Carl, Chuck, Laurrie, Yu-Lin, Cindy, Robert, Gail, Li, Deirdre, Heather, Hong, Jeanne,
Tamar, Karen, Bill, Linda, Jeff.
Back - Ron, Mary, Allen, Kim, Maya, Tom, Gene, Dubravka, [photo by Lin] .

It was a perfect day – with a beautiful blue sky and puffy clouds; the temperature was cold but wait, we had a plan: Tamar brought hot coffee, Carl brought hot water for tea, Hong baked warm cookies, and Cindy brought yummy muffins…. Everything is covered.

Fast pace group - Ron, Tom, Li, Robert and Cindy. [photo by Lin]

Twenty-six of us met at Tempe Marketplace; everyone was happy to see each other. some whom I had not seen for a long time. After hot coffee, tea and cookies, at 8:00am we gathered together and did quick introductions, everyone was ready to walk and enjoy this beautiful day at Tempe Town Lake.

Beautiful Lake, [photo by Lin]

It is always a pleasure to walk around the lake: With the reflection of the buildings and bridges on the lake as a backdrop; the people walking with dogs, running, skateboarding, kayaking, and boat racing adding energy; and the sunshine adding brightness and warmth to the scene.

Selfie me and lake, [photo by Lin]
I did notice there is post market at lake, [photo by Lin]

We started our walk on the south side of the lake and headed towards the west. When we arrived at the pedestrian bridge, Heather, Bill, Linda, Jeanne, Gail, Heather, Laurie decided to return to the parking lot. Allan and Chuck continued to walk on North side of lake ad make turned at Ray Road Bridge. While the rest of us followed Tamar and continued our walk. In the meantime, Gene, Yu-Ling and Maya had great conversation and missed the turn, therefore they walked the most distant, 8.5 miles. An awesome job.

Beautiful clouds and reflect, [photo by Lin]
The pedestrian bridge, [photo by Lin]

After arriving back to the parking lot, we opened bottles of Champagne and toasted our wonderful walk with CHEER in the air.

On the pedestrian bridge, [photo by Lin]
West of Pedestrian bridge, [photo by Lin]

A few of us decided that we would go to Phoenix Palace for Dim Sum. Man, that was a great decision. We had tea, and many many yummy dishes. Everyone had great time.

Karenm Dubravte, Kim and Allan enjoy their talk at North side of Lake, [photo by Lin]
Kids at Play ground, Robert, Tom and Cindy, [photo by Li]

Thanks for everyone for coming on the last day of 2023 to walk. It was a great day. Welcome to our new hikers (Hong, Jeff and Mary), hope we will see you at our annual potluck in January and many adventure in 2024. Thank you.

Yummy Dim Sum and happy people, Robert and Cindy. [photo by Li]
Our table- Robert, Jeff, Hong, Tamar, Yu-/ling, Gail, Kim, Gene, Lin, Carl, Tom.

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