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Apache Trail Canyon Hike
January 13, 2024
by Robert Plowman
group A
Group photo at overlook . [photo by Li]
Front row: Robert, Li, Lin, Greg.
Back row: Irek, Vivian, Tom, Edith, Sharolyn, Anna.

Trip Report for Apache Trail Canyon on January 13th, 2024. Ten of us started our hike at 0900, descending into the first canyon, where we encountered frozen puddles. Surprisingly, the canyon was dryer than we had expected and no one got their feet wet.

Walkinging the canyon bottom. [photo by Li]

We soon we came to the boulder tangles, about a half dozen in total. Though the hike was only 5.2 miles, it took us 4 hours and 24 minutes to complete.

Boulder tangles, Left to right: Tom, Robert, Sharolyn, Edith, Irek, Vivian. [photo by Lin]

First tunnel. We expected to find a pool here, but it was dry.

Trailblazers into the tunnel. [photo by Vivian]
A great horned owl was the wildlife highlight of the day. [photo by Vivian]

We hiked out of the canyon at the old bridge abutment, following the old Apache Trail wagon road. At one time there were several concrete mileage markers along this route; this time we could only find one.

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