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Kiwanis South Mtn Hike
South Mtn
January 18, 2024
by Robbi Fowler
     GPS Map    
by Robbi

This trail is in South Mt and a variation of one Debi has led in the opposite direction. Sixteen hikers took the Ranger Trail from Five Tables Trailhead. The weather was cold and a bit overcast but held and made for a great hike. Some experienced traffic snarls and construction on the way to the TH but we managed to get intros and photos and leave before at 9:10 am.

Good bye and time to start up. [photo by Robbi]
Trailblazers on the trail. [photo by Ron

We crossed the desert and turned onto Los Lomitas after saying “see you again,” to Billie and 3 of our hikers, who followed Los Lomitas in the opposite direction. Following the Kiwanis Trail up a wash we view saguaros and check dams.

Small rest break. [photo by Robbi]
Tammy climbing to Stone Structure. [photo by Robbi]

We took a well-earned photo op and snack break at a stone house built in the 1930’s. We had a few “new to the Thursday Hikers” and they questioned whether they could manage, but everyone did great. The trail then climbs and drops until we reach Telegraph Pass and National Trail which is a ridgeline with fantastic views and breathtaking vistas of the Estrellas. “On Top of the World” We returned to our cars via Las Lomitas and the bit of Ranger that connects Five Tables. The main group of hikers were moving for 2 hours 38 minutes, traveled 5.66 miles and gained 1024 ft. The smaller group traveled 4 miles in less time and much less EG.

Lunch break at the old CCC. [photo by Ron]
Yanis during snack break. [photo by Robbi]
In to the old CCC. [photo by Ron]
Great view from the top. [photo by Ron]
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