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South Mountain Hike
South Mountain
January 6, 2024
by Michael Humphrey
group A
Trailblazers by Fat Mans Pass in South Mtn. [photo by Li]
Gail, Yanis, Tom, Michael, Hong, Kim, Tammy, Carlos and Cindy in the far back.

On a cool morning in early January ten Arizona Trailblazer gathered at the Pima trailead in South Mtn. We easily found parking, but when we left about noon the lot was full. I do not think my spot was empty for 10 second when I left. All the parking spots biside the road were also full and poeple were hiking in from 48 street. The hike was an easy 7 mile figure 8 with the middle cross over at the old CCC camp. On the way in we passed a pack of coyotes, they were still there on our exit. There looked to be 2 adults, plus 3 or 4 pups.

Coyotes beside the trail. [photo by Li]
Sun rise in south mtn. [photo by Tammy]

We took the Pima road trail in to the old CCC buildings. The CCC built the orginal trails in south mtn. This is where they camped while they were making the trails. You can find thier old rock buildings though out south mtn. Some of their buildings are still in use as admin., lookouts or rest stops. We move on to the Morman trail, which will take us to a good lookout over Phoenix. This is where we start the west part of the top of the figure 8.

Made it to the top. [photo by Tom]

We loop over to the Fat Mans pass to start our way back. This is our most western part of the hike. We meet several groups at Fat Man Pass. Everyone gets though with out getting stuck. This is the top of the Hidden Valley trail.

Cindy make it though. [photo by Tom]
Li make it though. [photo by Tom]
Hong starting though. [photo by Tom]
Yanis make it though. [photo by Tom]
Carlos make it though. [photo by Tom]
Kim make it though. [photo by Tom]
Is she stuck, no she makes it. [photo by Li]

Hidden Valley has the only dependable shade in South Mtn. It has trees, small springs, arches, tunnels and many other unique rocks. You may want to look at Li video of our slide just before the tunnel. The tunnel always has shade and the rocks are cool even in the summer. On exiting the tunel we are back on the National trail going back to the old CCC buildings.

Down the slick rock we go. [photo by Hong]
Waiting to go down the slide. [photo by Carlos]
In to the tunnel we go. [photo by Tammy]
Exiting the tunnel. [photo by Tammy]

We take the Pima wash trail back to our cars. We get to pass the coyotes again, we must be close to their den. The two adults shadow us until we clear the den area. This trail has some petroglyphs, they are just off the trail.

Some petroglyphs. [photo by Li]
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