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Blue Ridge Camping
Mogollon Rim
June 5-7, 2015
by Michael Humphrey
Chuck, Michael, Kim, Rudy, Bill, Jack, Gary, Scott
Day 1

There are eight persons who have decided to go camping. The weather reports said that the rain would be ending on Friday afternoon, but they were wrong. We got up to the rim with no rain, but the clouds started getting dark. As we got to the Blue Ridge area we started to have some sprinkles. As we pull into the Rock Crossing campground, it starts to rain pretty heavy. We find the camp spots by the connection to the Arizona Trail and they are empty. Time for the debate on staying or going. We decide to stay.

We get a dry spell and set up camp. Small repair is need to Kim’s tarp. One of the legs snapped into, so with duct tape and an extra pole it is fixed. The afternoon kayak trip is cancelled, but we will have time on Saturday or Sunday. The rain comes and goes. In a dry spell we get the camp fire going.

I’m pretty sure we can fix this.
The campfire sure feels good on a day like this.

The fire ring provided for each camp site is good and easy to use. We get dinner cooked and have a good time around the camp fire. The camp fire stays lit though the assorted rain storms that come though. Rain continues off and on throughout the night. The tent pads drain well, so no tent floods.

Day 2

No rain today, right? But the weather gods have other ideas. It rains until a little after 9:30 AM. The people who have come up to hike with us decide to do a hike lower down in the dry. The campers wait until 10 AM and then we start our hike. Five persons decide to hike, two decide to kayak, and one decides to relax at the camp site.

Rudy, Chuck, Bill, Michael, Scott

The hikers will do the Arizona Trail from Rock Crossing to Highway 87 just north of the Blue Ridge campground. This is 6 miles one way with a 300 foot elevation shift. The trail dries fast, so there are just a few spots where you have to walk around a puddle. This trail winds through the forest, so there is plenty of shade. The trail gets to the edge of the drop off to the valley where the Blue Ridge Campground is.

There’s the trail. Where are my pontoons?
Arizona Trail, passage 28.
Is Bill on the edge today?

We take the trail down to the campground and find an empty table for our lunch. This would have been the turnaround point, but we feel good. We continue through the campgrounds and take the trail out to the highway. The map shows it taking the campground road, but they have cut a separate trail. The only real up and down on this trail is the small section next to Blue Ridge.

On the way back we take the road, because the horse trail that goes around the campgrounds branches from the road. The trail that runs through the campgrounds would have been shorter, but this is a different path. We then connect with the trail that runs up the valley wall and leads us back to our campgrounds.

It is now time to sit back and relax. No rain: campsite drains well, so no mud. After the kayakers get back, it’s time to get the camp fire going and cook our pot luck dinner. We have a good selection of food and some fruits for dessert.

Campers’ potluck dinner.

Day 3

We get up and have plenty of time for breakfast. It is now time to pack up the camp site. The campgrounds never did fill up, but with rain on Friday what would you expect? One of the tents did not get set up correctly and decides to sag on this last night.

A sad tent.

We get the kayaks and canoes into the water. This is a very calm day. The water is flat. Some of us check out the dam that makes this reservoir possible.

Boat ramp.
The dam that makes this reservoir possible.

Others check out how far back the lake goes today, some do both. We have enough water craft that everyone gets out on the water. We have lunch at the far end of the lake and then paddle back. Time to go back to Phoenix.

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