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Picacho Peak Day Hike
Picacho Peak State Park
February 23, 1997
by Jeannie Van Lew
front:  Joe, Pam, Jarvis
back: Scott, Jim, Tom, Jeannie, Adrienne, Whitney, Jon
We arrived at the K-Mart on I-10 and Ray Road at 7:30 Sunday morning. Joe and Pam Orman, Jim Snyder, Scott King and Jarvis Lowndes joined us. We brought along our son Jon and daughter Adrienne who was accompanied by her friend Whitney Borchers.

We arrived at Picacho Peak at 8:45 and began the hike near the Saguaro Ramada using the Hunter Trail. From the parking lot, we climbed the North Slope to the upper saddle. The elevation gain gave us all a good workout.

Our son Jon ran ahead saying he didn’t want to wait for all of us “old” folk. The trek around to the back of the peak took us down a steep portion and then up to the top of the peak. The strategically placed iron posts and cables came in handy for this part of the hike. We finally reached the top around 11:00 and enjoyed a snack and the view. After a rest, we started back down. Jon, again, ran circles around us. Even though coming down was much easier, Jim took a spill ended up near the bottom of the back side of the saddle. He wasn’t seriously hurt (except his pride) but he did put a scare into the rest of us.

Everyone stopped at Dairy Queen outside the park to enjoy a “cold one” (ice cream that is). The parking lot was full and the line inside was a half hour wait. After helping an older couple push their car out of their parking spot (transmission troubles), we agreed to meet at the next DQ down the road. Everyone made it, including Scott who ran out of gas on the freeway, except the Van Lews. It isn’t easy losing someone on the freeway but we did. We turned too soon into Casa Grande but did get a look at the town.

All in all, it was a beautiful day and the view from the top of the peak was awesome.

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