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The climb up Table Top Mountain. [Bill Zimmermann photo]
Phoenix Tonto Nat. For. Goldfields Superstitions Superior
Hells Canyon Wilderness
Feb 2017 Big Jim Apr 2017 Walkin’ Jim

Fountain Hills
Mar 2022 Hike and Tour Nov 2022 Hiking Challenge

Pass Mountain
Mar 1998 Wind Cave Mar 2000 Pass Mountain Jan 2011 Pass Mountain
Mar 2009 Wind Cave Nov 2005 Pass Mountain Mar 2015 Pass Mountain
Feb 2011 Wind Cave Jan 2008 Pass Mountain Apr 2022 Pass Mountain

Usery Mountains and Usery Mountain Regional Park
Dec 2010 Usery Peaks Apr 2011 Blevins Trail Jan 2016 AZHC Awards
Mar 2019 Hawes Trails Mar 2019 Maricopa Trail Jan 2018 AZHC Awards
Feb 2021 Hawes Trails

Apache Junction
Oct 2008 Goldfield Ghost Town

Dec 2021 Bird Walk

Oct 2020 Riparian Preserve Dec 2020 Riparian Preserve Apr 2021 Water Ranch
Nov 2021 Bird Walk Dec 2021 Bird Walk Feb 2022 Bird Walk
Nov 2022 Bird Walk

Queen Creek
Mar 2008 San Tan Mountain Mar 2017 San Tan Mountain Jan 2021 San Tan Mountain
Apr 2021 Hedgehog Loop Jan 2022 Malpais Loop Mar 2022 Goldmine Peak

Casa Grande
July 2005 Casa Grande Mtn. Nov 1998 Table Top Mountain Mar 2014 Table Top Mountain
Mar 2022 Table Top Mountain

Nov 2012 Coke Ovens

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