Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Haunted Canyon Trail 203 Day Hike
when Trip Report : April 14, 2019
  Trip Report : December 16, 2017
  Trip Report : December 13, 2008
  Trip Report : November 17, 2007
where Globe
the hike     The first and last 1.5 miles are along a dirt road that is the only access to the trailhead at this point.
    This hike covers the west side of Haunted Canyon Trail 203 to Tony’s Cabin, a distance of about four miles one way. The trail winds its way up and down through scenic high desert chaparral, with a mix of agave, prickly pear cactus, Manzanita, chokeberry, and plenty of nasty catclaw acacia, then eventually traverses through a thick pine forest before reaching the cabin. Some of this trail is badly overgrown, and fallen timber and debris occasionally obstructs a clear view of the trail ahead. Long sleeves and long pants are highly recommended for protection from the prickly over-growth. We’ll take a rest and lunch break at the cabin before heading back to the trailhead along the same route.
•  Sturdy hiking boots
•  At least 3 liters of water
•  Rain poncho
•  Hat, sunblock, sunglasses
•  Long sleeves and long pants
•  Lunch or snacks
•  Camera
distance 11 miles round trip
time 5-6 hours
EC +-1100' elevation change
elevations 3,800 feet at trailhead to 4,900 feet near Government Hill
on trail 100% — Haunted Canyon Trail #203
rating "B-"     Rate yourself as a hiker.
dogs? no
cost Sharing gas expenses with the driver.
The club also allows voluntary contributions of $5 per non-member.
weather Superior
meet 7:00 AM at Home Depot in Mesa on the southeast corner of Power and US 60.
•  Go east on U.S. 60 to Superior.
Twelve miles east of Superior and just past the Pinto Creek bridge, turn left onto Pinto Valley Road (FR 287) between mileposts 239 and 240.
Continue following FR 287 adjacent to the Pinto Valley Mine. Watch for the left turn onto FR 287A and continue to the trailhead, 11.4 miles from U.S. 60.
Whenever you come to a confusing junction in the road, always follow the “Public Access” signs and avoid all areas marked “Mine Property” or “No Trespassing”.
When you come to a narrow one-lane bridge, park right before the bridge.
Figure on 1.5 hours driving time from Power Road to the bridge.

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