Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Top of the World Car Camp
when Trip Report : May 22-25, 2020
where Globe
the camp
    / hike
    We will be doing primitive camping to dry run backpacking. So, if you like to see if you are cut out to do backpacking come on out. This is in a very nice area with trees and a stream. We will have to filter the water, but I have a filter. I will have my toilet seat with screening tarp, just have to dig a hole. This area has tall trees, running streams and just totally different from the Superstitions that you see in the Phoenix area. This is the high part of the Superstitions, where we camp at 5,000 feet and walk beside mountains at 6,000 feet.
    Friday will be just camp set up and some small walks around the area. This will let persons set up their backpack tent. Some short walks with the backpack to check for fit. Saturday will be pack tent, and backpack a loop back to our camp site though a forest of sycamores and pine trees. There are some large trees in here. We will have to cross some stream, but they are small so only ankles getting wet. The flowers may still be out. Sunday will be re-pack the tents, backpack and head toward the wild part of the Superstitions. After going about 4 miles we will then turn a round and get back to camp. Monday will be pack up and return to Phoenix.
    The persons wanting to learn backpacking will get first choice, but if spots are left over then persons who want to day hike on Saturday will be allowed. This is only 2 hours from Phoenix.
distance 4-8 miles each day
time 4-5 hours
EC +-1000' elevation change each day
type loop, in-out
starting at Miles Trailhead
on trail 100%
rating "C"     Rate yourself as a hiker.
dogs allowed no
cost The club allows voluntary contributions of $5 per non-member.
weather Globe
meet Friday May 22, at the trailhead. Miles Trailhead at the end of FR 287A.
•  East on US-60 beyond Superior to just past the Pinto Creek bridge.
Left on to Pinto Valley Mine Road.
Left when you get to the mine check point.
Follow Haunted Canyon Road FR 287A though twists & turns to a 1 lane bridge.
Left onto bridge, and then follow the road to its end.
The Forest Road is rough but SUVs should have no problem.

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