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Geronimo Trail Day Hike
Phoenix South Mountain
December 27, 2020
by Chris Everett
Eight strong and eager Trailblazers. [photo by Mark]
Kelly, Debbie, Quy, Chris, Angel, Dave, Tom, Li

We met at the Mormon/24th Street Trailhead at 7:30, to avoid parking problems. The group decided to wait for the group picture, so we could be in the sun. There were 9 strong and eager hikers, even a couple faces I haven’t seen in a while.

South Mountain sunrise. [photo by Quy]

We started up the Mormon Trail, a very popular trail, so there were several people already going up. It was a fairly steep trail but we all managed to get to the top. We took the first group picture there. at the Mormon Trail and National junction.

We started down the National Trail towards the Hidden Valley turn off (approximately 0.5 miles). The group then went through the Hidden Valley west to east. We all had a tons of fun through the Valley, as you can see in the pictures. This was the highlight of the hike. A couple of us went through Fat Man’s Pass. We realized it might be time to slim down.

We then headed up the National Trail to the Buena Vista Trailhead. This is where we had lunch, with excellent views of the city.

Mark plays it cool [photo by Li]
Quy and Angel climb the rocks. [photo by Li]
Quy finds a bonanza. [photo by Li]
Debbie and Chris. [photo by Li]
Mark and Angel. [photo by Li]
Dave, Kelly, and Chris. [photo by Li]
Chris, Angel, Debbie, Mark, Kelly. [photo by Li]
A mushroom-shaped rock. [photo by Li]
Dave and Chris. [photo by Li]
Debbie, Tom, and Kelly. [photo by Li]
Tom and Li. [photo by Quy]
The tunnel in Hidden Valley. [photo by Quy]
Hold on, Quy! [photo by Quy]
Mark climbs the boulders. [photo by Quy]
Mark, Kelly, Debbie, Quy, Chris, Angel, Dave, Tom, Li. [photo by Quy]

After a good break and lunch, the group headed down the Geronimo Trail, another trail with nice views of the city. We went around the Boys’ Camp at the end of the trail. This was where Mark found his lounger. We walked through the neighborhood to make it back to the Mormon Trailhead.

Group picture, on the rocks. [photo by Quy]
front: Dave, Quy
middle:  Tom, Li, Angel
back: Kelly, Chris, Debbie, Mark
Rock with a face? [photo by Quy]
Boulders and saguaros. [photo by Quy]
Starting down on the Geronimo Trail, we get a fine view of the city. [photo by Quy]
Descending on the Geronimo Trail. [photo by Quy]
Angel and Dave find a comfortable bench. [photo by Li]
Creepy skeleton on balcony. [photo by Quy]

According to Dave’s GPS, we covered 6.8 miles in 4.32 hours with 1410' elevation gain. The range of elevation was 1300' to 2396'.

This was a very fun to hike and lead. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time!

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