Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Rusty Spider Trail Day Hike
when Trip Report : July 1, 2021
where North Mountain Preserve
the hike     Billie Horn will lead this hike on a four mile scenic loop starting at the North Mountain Visitor Center at 6:00 AM. We will begin by heading east on trail 100 which takes us under 7th Street through the tunnel. At about 1 mile we come to trail 25 and will turn left here to begin a loop which will eventually bring us back to this intersection.
    Along the way we will discuss the planned and partially marked new route to the Lookout Mountain Trailhead. We will also learn why and how this trail got its name and what lies in the future to restore its namesake.
    This is mostly just rolling terrain with no steep climbs.
distance 4 miles
time 2 hours
type loop
starting at: North Mountain Visitor Center and Trailhead,   12950 N.7th Street, Phoenix
We will meet at the assembly circle just south of the Visitor Center building.
on trail 100% —Trails 100 and 25
rating "C"     Rate yourself as a hiker.
dogs allowed no
cost Sharing gas expenses with the driver.
The club also allows voluntary contributions of $5 per non-member.
weather Phoenix
meet 6:00 AM in the parking lot of the North Mountain Visitor Center located on the west side of 7th Street about a quarter of a mile south of Thunderbird Road in Phoenix.

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