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Aravaipa Backpacking Trip
Galiuro Mountains
April 29-May 2, 2018
by Michael Humphrey
Andy, Gretchen, Chris A, Chris S, Yanis, Karlene, Mohammed, Jim

This was a splendid four day adventure in the Galiuro Mountains, backpacking in Araviapa for three days. You ask “Where is that?” Draw a line between Globe and Wilcox, AZ. At the middle of the line, in the middle of nowhere, is Araviapa. The group of nine trailblazers decided to go. For a couple of persons this was their first backpack in many years.

Day 1: April 29, 2018

Day 1 is the drive from Phoenix to Araviapa. Where we will set up camp at 4-Mile Campground. This campground has water and flush toilets.

4-Mile Campground

After our camp is set up, we go to Turkey Creek. On the way to Turkey Creek we stop at an old family church. This church is very well kept. We then continue to the Cliff Dwellings.

Salazar Family Church
Cliff Dwellings

They are very well preserved, with the overhang of the cliff protecting them from the weather. We then go back to the camp grounds and have our pot luck dinner.

Day 2: April 30, 2018

Day 2 is the backpack into Araviapa, with our base camp at Hell’s Hole. We set up camp and have lunch.

Our Camp Site

After lunch we do a short hike down the creek for sightseeing. There is a window in the rock, not too far downstream from out camp site.

window in the rock

All tents are in the shade of the trees, so the temperatures are not bad. At Horse Camp where we turn around, there is some old ranch equipment.

old ranch equipment

After we return to camp we can relax and enjoy the area. This is only a three mile backpack, so we can bring in extra stuff.

nap time
Day 3: May 1, 2018

Day 3 we do a hike up the slot canyon Hell’s Hole. This is one of the few canyons that go more than 100 yards before becoming impassable.

Hell’s Hole

This slot canyon winds through the mountains, so you go five miles on foot while as the crows fly it would only be one mile. There are a few springs in this canyon, so there are clumps of ferns hanging from the walls. Then we return to camp.

clumps of ferns hanging from the walls
Camp is this way.
Day 4: May 2, 2018

Day 4 is our last day here, so we will take our time. We must exit by midnight. We stop at 4 Mile Campground and change out of our backpacking clothes and into fresh clothes for the trip back to Phoenix. The animals were out for this trip, with turkeys, deer, javelina and coatimundis. The coatimundis did not stay around long enough to get their pictures taken.

flock of turkeys
deer and turkey
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