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Peak 3004 Loop
Goldfield Mountains
November 28, 2019
by Tamar Gottfried
  GPS Map 
Trailblazers at Bulldog Saddle. [photo by Li]
front:  Lin, Nancy, Quy, Li
back: Tamar, Chris, Terry, Deidre, Kevin, Tom, Debbie

Eleven determined hikers awoke early on a cloudy Thanksgiving morn to start the holiday by giving thanks to the desert. Meridian Trailhead was already busy, but we were able to find parking spots and get on our way by 8 AM. Rain had been threatening to spoil our fun all week, but aside from a few light sprinkles at the beginning, we stayed dry. I, for one, brought along my rain gear, even with 0% chance of precipitation, just to ward off the weather demons.

Don’t mind the weather. Let’s go! [photo by Tom]

We passed through the flatter desert and began our ascent of Bulldog Saddle. We paused only briefly at the top for a photo, as the wind was somewhat strong. We then descended into the less populated, no cell signal side of the mountain, and enjoyed perfect weather, sweeping views, and solitude. Alas, our alone time was done after the ascent to the Pass Mountain Trail.

Terry and Li on the northern slopes of Peak 3004. [photo by Tom]
Let’s take a break. [photo by Tom]
The saguaros can’t figure out Tom. [photo by Li]
Rocky, north of Bulldog Saddle. [photo by Tom]
Li, Lin, and the Superstitions. [photo by Tom]
Purple mountain majesties, the Superstitions. [photo by Li]
After a quick snack, Chris and Debbie took their leave to do another 5 miles back to the cars, while the rest of us continued down the trail, only briefly waylaid by a large tarantula crossing the path.

Before we knew it, we were back at the cars and each went our merry ways to various Turkey Day celebrations, confident that we had earned an extra slice of pie.

It was a great start to the holiday weekend.
A friendly tarantula. [photo by Li]
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updated December 1, 2019