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Aravaipa Hike
Galiuro Mountains
October 28, 2021
by Michael Humphrey

Ten trailblazers (Michael, MiTran, Wendy, Sonny, Nicole, Kelley, Stan, Karen, Deirdre, Lin) met and drove to the Aravaipa parking lot on an early Thursday and easily found a parking spot. The ranger was there to welcome us and check us in. The weather was mild. The trail starts in the desert, but then decends to the creek and trees. On the way back this is one of the spots you can get lost at an continue on the creek instead of going up to the parking lot. We shall see what animals decide to show. We could see Big horn sheep, Mountain lions, Black bears, Coati, Turkeys and/or many other animals.

Time to start the hike. [photo by Lin]
This is a nice wet trail. [photo by Wendy]
Some parts of trail are dry. [photo by Wendy]

We continue to switch between wet and dry trails. It is just nice to walk in a creek bed in Arizona. The creek is cool. but the air is warm. We get to the old diversion dam that routed the Aravaipa water into an aqueduct to water the farmers fields. The dam is mostly gone, but some of the aqueduct is still visible.

Old aqueduct above the creek. [photo by Lin]
We are approaching the slot. [photo by Wendy]

Aravaipa creek has cut a slot though the Galiuro Mountains. At this point the creek flows from side to side of the canyon. It is not deep today, but in flood stage this can be over 10 foot. This slot is short, but always wet. This cut also shows the core rock that makes up the Galiuro Mountains.

Aravaipa creek slot canyon. [photo by Wendy]
Time to get up on the sand bar and dry land. [photo by Wendy]
The sand bar and dry land. [photo by Wendy]

We continue on until we get to the 3 mile mark and have lunch beside the creek. The trees here give plenty of shade. We have only seen a couple of persons all day, so the creek has been ours. After lunch we will head back to the cars. But there is plenty of time to enjoy this unique canyon.

The creek changes as we travel up the canyon. [photo by Wendy]
The stream run though some very beautiful areas. [photo by Wendy]
Our lunch spot. [photo by Wendy]

The canyon looks slighty different as we travel down stream. As we exit downstream we come across a Coati looking for food. He does not mind having his picture taken by the whole group, but he finally wandereds off. On the exit we cross an old one lane bridge that has been here a very long time.

It is interresting how the creek flows over the rocks. [photo by Lin]
Here we walk though a tunnel of trees. [photo by Lin]
On our way out we cross the old one lane bridge. [photo by Wendy]
A Coati decided to let us take his picture. [photo by Lin]
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