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Black Canyon Trail Day Hike
Rock Springs
August 12, 2021
by Billie Horn
Seven brave hikers at the trailhead. [photo by Adrian]
Billie, Neil, Gail, Diane, Rich, Martha, David

On a very stormy looking morning, seven brave hikers met at the Black Canyon City Trailhead near Rock Springs, Arizona. Originally ten had signed up, but it was raining in many parts of the valley three sent their regrets and decided to stay dry.

The clouds looked so threatening that it could have been a cancelled hike, but since so many showed up, we had Adrian take our group photo and a bunch more nice shots along the way, and then we talked it over. It was decided we’d go up to the intersection with a spur trail and then reassess our options.

Will we get rained on?

Two hikers decided to go back and the rest of us trudged on. The temperature was perfect, in the 70s, and we knew a little rain wouldn’t hurt us.

The Agua Fria River.
A black cloud.
Clouds pouring over the Bradshaw Mountains.
Flowers brighten our passage.
We made it all the way to the bottom of the canyon and then decided to turn around and not explore the river area as planned. The Agua Fria River was very low, which is surprising due to all the recent storms up north. Some of the trees along the river appear to have died since we were there last. It’s normally lush near the water, so that’s a mystery.

The thunder started rolling in, so we turned around and headed up still thinking we were going to get wet, but it never happened. Back at the cars we said our goodbyes and then some of us received “severe weather” warnings on our phones. We actually drove through some of it on the freeway headed south, but nothing like we thought it would be.

I can see a patch of blue.
Black Canyon City.
It’s all over for today.

7 hikers  4  AZHC members;  3 NMVC members
3 miles, 2 hours

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updated August 13, 2021