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Chihluy in the Desert
Desert Botanical Garden
January 5, 2022
by Lin Chao
Group picture at Entrance. [photo by Lin]
Chuck, Lin, Heather, Wendy, Li, Sura, Nicole

Previously, the AZHC walked the Chihluy in the Desert exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden (DBG) during the daytime on Dec 12, 2021. We decided to see what it looked like at nighttime. On Jan 5, 2022, seven of us met at the entrance of Desert Botanical Garden.

The Chihluy in the Desert exhibit, because of the unique lighting, appeared more lively at night, with the light shining on the Fiori, Towers, Boat, and Reeds, making them seem alive. The lights bounced between the glass and added the richness of color in the dark. If you walked quietly enough, you could imagine them singing, dancing, and calling you.

While it was very crowded, the weather was perfect and the exhibits really came to life. We started our walk with a glowing sunset and finished the evening at around 7:30 PM. Everyone had a great time, filled with joy, satisfied, happy, and delighted.

Pictures are worth thousands of words, let the pictures show you what a wonderful night we had.

Glowing Sunset. [photo by Lin]
Chuck and the ladies. [photo by Lin]
Wildflower and Fiori Boat. [photo by Lin]
Lime and Lava Red Tower. [photo by Lin]
Aqua Blue and Amber chandelier. [photo by Lin]
Desert Fiori. [photo by Lin]
Sol del Citron. [photo by Lin]
Red Reeds. [photo by Lin]
Sol del Citron. [photo by Lin]
Opal and Amber Tower. [photo by Lin]
Fall Leaves. [photo by Lin]
Chihluy’s Art drawings. [photo by Lin]
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updated January 10, 2022