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Kayaking with Lawrence
Canyon Lake
March 6, 2022
by Lin Chao

On March 6, nine of us met Lawrence at Fry’s Marketplace on Old West Highway in Apache Junction at 9 AM: Heather, Kelly, Anna, Tamar, Li, Diane, Jackie, Laurie, and Lin.

We double checked the tie-downs on Laurie’s new kayak on her car. Then we followed Lawrence to the Acacia Picnic area on Canyon Lake. We helped Lawrence unload his six kayaks, we also helped Laurie unload her kayak. We took the kayaks to the shore. Lawrence gave us a quick safety lesson. We grabbed our gear and were ready for a fun day.

Ready for a fun day. [photo by Lin]
Heather, Kelly, Anna, Tamar, Laurie, Diane, Jackie, Li, Chuck
Capitan Chuck - AZTHC Kayaking Team. [photo by Lin]
Our Kayaks. [photo by Lin]
A beautiful day at Canyon Lake. [photo by Lin]
We are checking each other’s equipment. [photo by Lin]

The weather was nice, while it colder than normal for March, it was a little warmer, however, than we had anticipated. Chuck was already at Canyon Lake when we arrived. The wind was calm, the lake was still and quiet at this moment on Sunday morning. Li, Tamar, and Laurie were so excited to get into the lake, and with a few minutes of practice, they paddled like pros.

It was a good day at the lake. Blue sky, puffy clouds moving slowly; crystal-clear water, and the fresh smell of spring in the air. The air warmed up quickly and everyone enjoyed the Arizona Spring weather. We saw many Turkey Vultures fly over us. Saw many ducks swimming near us. Life is beautiful.

Canyon Lake is one of the three scenic reservoirs formed by dams constructed along Arizona’s Lower Salt River by SRP. It is one of Arizona’s beautiful gems.

Laurie with her new kayak. [photo by Lin]
First time Kayaker Li. [photo by Lin]
Kelly with smilling face. [photo by Lin]
Anna is enjoy the moment. [photo by Lin]
Tamar is so comfortable. [photo by Lin]
Jackie is in orange mood today. [photo by Lin]
Diane is all ready for the race. [photo by Lin]
Anna is exploring the lake. [photo by Lin]
It is a beautiful day at the lake. [photo by Lin]
Jackie had a Sit-on-Top kayak. [photo by Lin]
Keep going, Anna. [photo by Lin]
Chuck is trying to show how to relax at the lake. [photo by Lin]
Laura is smiling. [photo by Lin]
It is a bird, it is a big bird. [photo by Lin]
Heather and her friend ducks. [photo by Lin]
Dolly is ready to depart. [photo by Lin]
It is Jackie’s very first time at Canyon lake. [photo by Lin]
Chuck is talking to the wall. [photo by Lin]

After more than four hours of pleasant kayaking on the lake, we returned to shore. After a quick cleaning, we loaded up the kayaks.

Everyone was hungry. Should we go to Tortilla Flat for food and live music – with its many tourists? Or, should we go to the Canyon Lake Marina for a quick lunch? The answer was quick! So, we went to the Well Done Grill at Canyon Lake Marina, because we were all hungry and we needed food now!

Ha! Not So Quick! It took a long time to get our food. The nine of us (Tamar, Li, Heather, Laura, Kelly, Laurie, chuck, Anna, Jackie, Diane and Lin) ate on the patio. The air was cold, the view was awesome, and the company was incredible..

Hungry Trailblazers. [photo by Lin]
Hungry Trailblazers. [photo by Lin]
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updated March 25, 2022