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King’s Fish House
July 12, 2022
by Ted Tenny

18 Trailblazers gathered at King’s Fish House. Heather called it a quiet time.

Michael, speaking for absent Lin, called on hike leaders to fill up the schedule! He briefly went through past and upcoming hikes.

I started my report with some personal news: They say it takes 6-9 months to recover from total hip replacement surgery. Evidently for a person of my age (76) it’s closer to 9 months. January+9 = October. I need a cortisone injection in my right knee before I can hike again. So on October 1 or before, I’ll call the sports medicine doctor about my right knee.

I continued to thank the 21 trip report authors for their support of the club. They are, in alphabetical order: Rodney Baba, Stan Bindell, Junette Brock, Janet Burke, Lin Chao, Chris Everett, Robbi Fowler, Tamar Gottfried, Randall Greeley, Michael Humphrey, Michelle Jelsma, Vicky Johnson, Li Li, Heather Oehrlein, Chuck Parsons, Robert Plowman, Vicki Reddick, Wendy Rennert, Debbie Rowray, Deirdre Sparling, Bruce Wilczynski.

John gave the statictics report:

Statictics. [photo by John]

I was the guest speaker. My subject was “Hiking on the Edge of Night.”

After dinner I gave my presentation, with Michael flipping slides. He was very helpful. All I had to do was bring was my presentation on a thumb drive and a laser pointer.

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updated July 17, 2022